There's A Weird And Unexpected Cameo In Control

A surreal cameo for a surreal game.


Hideo Kojima's not the only one handing out cameos in his games lately. The enigmatic game director is a guest voice actor in Control, the latest action game from the surreal minds at Remedy Entertainment.

Back in March, Kojima's publicist tweeted out that the Metal Gear Solid creator was doing "some voice recording for the other Sam." Now we know this was referencing Sam Lake, Control's lead writer and the former face of Max Payne, as opposed to the lead character in Kojima's upcoming Death Stranding. Not only that, but Akima Saito, Kojima Productions' Head of Marketing, also makes a cameo alongside his colleague, providing the English translation for Kojima's Japanese lines.

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Multiplayer First discovered the very missable easter egg, noting that Kojima and Saito both appear in Control's end credits.

The side mission in question sees Kojima play the role of Dr. Yoshimi Tokui. As protagonist Jesse Faden climbs inside what looks like a sensory deprivation pod, Kojima narrates a peculiar meditative experience involving the flavor of a bag of potato chips, conversations with trees, and an army of hostile forklifts. You can see for yourself in the video below--just beware this will obviously spoil the side mission if you haven't played it yet.

It's a suitably surreal cameo considering the game it occurs in and Kojima's own penchant for the bizarre.

You can read GameSpot's review of Control right now, check out how long it takes to beat, and even grab a copy for $10 off on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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