There's A Sweet Mustache (And More Bizarro Characters) In Superman's New Story

I mustache you a question, Mr. Gleason.

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While Superman fans are eager for the arrival of Brian Michael Bendis on Action Comics and his Man of Steel miniseries, the current events of Patrick Gleason and Peter Tomasi's Superman comic have been a blast. The story revolves around brand-new Bizarro characters, including Robzarro, a Bizarro version of Robin with a really wonderful mustache.

The Boyzarro Re-Death storyline--which began in Superman #42--explores the relationship between Bizarro and his son Boyzarro, much like how the current Superman series delves into Kal-El's family dynamic and relationship with his son, Jon. In the current Superman story, Boyzarro has become trapped on Earth, and from there, things get pretty wacky, even though the heart of the story entirely revolves around the dysfunction between Bizarro and Boyzarro.

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And while the series introduces a plethora of Bizarro-fied DC characters, one of the best introductions came from the Bizarro version of Damian Wayne (Robin), Robzarro. Many Bizarro characters have a trademark to their look, and with Robzarro, it's a mustache. "The mustache just kind of came to being out of the ether," writer and artist Patrick Gleason told GameSpot. "We had Boyzarro and obviously Pete Tomasi is writing Super Sons so I thought, 'We have to have the Robin version.' We've never seen a Damian Wayne Bizarro version of Robin.

"So, as I was drawing it, and I was thinking about him, and a lot of this comes together as I'm drawing on the page. And as it's coming together, I'm thinking, 'Well, what's he gonna be like? You know, he's gotta be the opposite. He's gotta be so affectionate and loving and over-the-top, like Shakespeare in the Park kind of flamboyant,' and I don't know why I just drew a mustache on him. I think in my mind it's like a blend of Clark Gable and Gone With the Wind meets Gomez Adams meets, I don't know, Pepe le Pew. So that's really where that kind of came from in my brain."

Gleason went on to say that we will see more of Robzarro in this current story but in a "cameo sense." However, Gleason did go on to discuss the biggest challenge of writing this story: Bizarro's dialogue. As many know, Bizarro speaks in antonyms. Instead of saying "hello," he says, "goodbye." Ultimately, it's confusing and tough to read. "It's horrible," Gleason said jokingly. "Have you read it? It's unreadable. It's like eating brussel sprouts. It's like you just choke it down because that's the point. Bizarro doesn't make sense. If you do read the dialogue, which I wrote, you know I wrote in regular speak and then kind of translated it."

This entertaining and bizarre Boyzarro Re-Death storyline concludes with issue #45. It goes on sale Wednesday, April 18, at local comic shops and the digital market.

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