There's A Resident Evil Village Third-Person Mod, But It's Not Without Flaws

Resident Evil Village's modding community is at it again, this time with a mod that puts Capcom's latest in a third-person perspective.


Resident Evil Village has a new third-person mod which puts the game in a whole new light. Unfortunately, sometimes that light isn't the best.

Capcom's latest entry in the long-running survival horror series is in first-person, just like its predecessor Resident Evil 7. But for years, Resident Evil was played exclusively in third-person. Perhaps it's not surprising then that some fans are curious what Resident Evil Village would play like with the series' more traditional over-the-shoulder camera angle, and the results are equally impressive and hilarious.

Created by FluffyQuack, the PC mod allows players to swap between first and third-person. FluffyQuack advises the game to be played at 60fps, as "overriding the camera's position" doesn't work well at higher framerates. The mod is certainly functional and well worth checking out, allowing players to get a good look at Resident Evil Village's protagonist Ethan Winters.

But even FluffyQuack admits the mod has its downsides, calling it "rather janky" and listing issues such as the game's camera clipping through walls, objects being more difficult to pick up in third-person, and many of the player character's animations looking completely broken and silly, which makes sense considering the game wasn't made with a third-person view in mind. FluffyQuack says any updates to the PC version of Resident Evil Village will break the mod, though they will do their best to update it should that happen.

Resident Evil Village has been a big success for Capcom, selling more than 4 million copies and breaking concurrent player records for the franchise on Steam. Modders thus far seem to be having a blast with the title, doing everything from turning Chris Redfield into a baby (and vice versa) to transforming the internet's beloved Lady Dimitrescu into Thomas the Tank Engine.

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