There's a New Dynasty Warriors Game Coming, But It's on Mobile

Hackin' and slashin' on your phone.


It's been a while since the most recent installment in the core Dynasty Warriors series came out, and developer Koei Tecmo has been relatively quiet regarding a potential Dynasty Warriors 9. Koei Tecmo's planning to announce something this year for the core series, but in the meantime, publisher Nexon Korea has just announced that there's a mobile Dynasty Warriors game in the works.

The working title of the game is Project Dynasty Warriors, and it's in development at XPEC Entertainment. In a press release, the publisher explained that the title is based on Dynasty Warriors 8 and will feature similar hack-n-slash gameplay.

Art from Project Dynasty Warriors
Art from Project Dynasty Warriors

"Players will engage in the faction-based storyline and battle waves of warriors bent on crushing the enemies of their lords," the press release states. "Project Dynasty Warriors will feature an enhanced collection element and a host of unique characters to choose from, along with the seamless gameplay mechanics and graphics of the console version, for players to dominate the battlefield."

Project Dynasty Warriors is planned for release in late 2016 for Android and iOS devices. The game it's based on, Dynasty Warriors 8, launched back in 2013 for consoles and PC. Earlier this year, Koei Tecmo teased that a big announcement is coming for the series sometime in 2016.

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