There's A Great Discount On Civ 6 In Humble's New Monthly Game Bundle

Just in time for Civ 6's first expansion.

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The Humble Monthly Bundle for February has been revealed. It includes Civilization VI and two DLC packs--the Australia Civilization and Scenario Pack and the Vikings Scenario Pack--for only $12.

Each Humble Monthly Bundle gets you a mystery assortment of games. Paying the $12 subscription fee early grants you access to Civ 6 immediately, with six other games to follow on February 2. Civ 6 released in 2016 and normally costs $60.

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The first expansion for Civ 6, Rise and Fall, was announced in November. In addition to new civilizations and leaders, Rise and Fall adds features designed to level out the playing field in the late game. Earlier this week, developer Firaxis revealed the expansion's new Cree civilization and leader.

The February Bundle coincides with the release of Rise and Fall on February 8. Humble also recently tweeted a deal that gets you a $20 store credit when you purchase the Monthly Bundle annual plan. You can check out all the details on the Humble Bundle website.

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Is this an article or an ad?

Avatar image for streamline

@Kinren1: At this price, it is almost a PSA. Didn’t consider creating an account at the Humbe Bundle until today.

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last month was a big deal, you got 3 amazing games for the price.. this time around you get Civ 6,, which while it's a good game, doesn't match up to last month's early buy in..

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@OrgeLambart: That's still a whole lot of game for $12.