There's A Fighting Game Starring Inflatable Tube Men

Flail away in the "definitive derpy physics fighter."


Nintendo Switch's upcoming brawler Arms isn't the only fighting game featuring stretchy combatants flailing away at each other; a new fighter starring those eternal fixtures of car dealerships, inflatable tube men, is available on PC through Steam Greenlight (via Kotaku).

Called Inflatality, the game pits two inflatable tube men against each other in a fight to the death (deflation). Players customize their inflatable warriors with a variety of facial decals and colors, then in true tube man fashion, do battle by flailing away at each other using twin stick controls. The game employs what developer Hojo calls "fumblecore" physics to replicate the experience of flailing around in the wind.

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Inflatality currently features four battle stages and weapons, as well as 30 different customization options. Hojo says additional weapons, stages, and modes will be released in future updates.

At the moment, Inflatality is only available on Steam Greenlight. If the title is approved, it will launch on the store in October.

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