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There Was Some Pretty Good Cosplay At E3 2017

We're still on the lookout for Reggie and Phil cosplay.


The annual E3 gaming convention is now over, but we're still digging through our video footage for content we might have missed. One interesting find was the cosplay video featured above.

Long-time readers may remember when E3 prominently featured costumed booth attendants, sometimes with very little connection to the company's products (and even less clothing). But after 2006, when "booth babes" were banned from the convention, costumes overall also fell away. However, with the show now open to the public, a lot more people were willing to dress-up and show off their costume-making skills.

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While there's nowhere near the number of costumed attendees that you'll find at a convention like Comic-Con or Blizzcon, the creations at E3 were nonetheless a lot of fun. You can see a sampling of some of the professional and personal cosplay in the gallery below. If the trend continues, you can be sure that there'll be even more next year.

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