There Was a Destiny Reference in The Simpsons Halloween Episode's Credits

"Still don't have it."


Just days after it appeared as the answer to a question on Jeopardy, Destiny has now gotten a nod in the credits of an episode of The Simpsons.

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The latest Halloween-themed Treehouse of Horror episode debuted yesterday, October 25. As always, the credits were filled with little jokes--"Bat Groening" (Matt Groening), "Dan 9 From Outer Space-eta" (Dan Castellaneta), and so on. Near the halfway mark (watch it on Hulu here), we get to the casting credits, and it's there that casting associate Nick Conti snuck in a Destiny reference.

As pictured above, Conti is credited as Nick "Necrochasm" Conti. Just below, located inside of parentheses, are the words "still don't have it." Necrochasm is the name of an exotic auto rifle from Destiny's The Dark Below expansion pack. It can be obtained by upgrading a certain auto rifle with a Crux of Crota, a material only found in the hard version of the Crota's End raid.

Lest this seem like a coincidence, the reference was pointed out by Bungie's Eric Osborne on Twitter (after it was noticed by YouTuber ItsDirtyMoose). Conti himself responded, saying, "So glad my nod to Destiny made its way to Bungie! Haven't faced Crota since 2.0 dropped, but I will be back for that Crux!"

Like The Simpsons, Destiny itself is celebrating Halloween this week. A new event kicked off today where you can get new items, emotes, and more.

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