"There's No Doubt Moving Battlefield Hardline Back Was the Right Call," Dev Says

Battlefield Hardline will have 51 weapons, 28 gadgets, 27 new vehicles, nine maps, and seven modes.


Battlefield Hardline, Electronic Arts' new cops-and-robbers-themed shooter from Dead Space developer Visceral Games, was originally supposed to release on October 21, 2014. In a recent letter to fans, the game's Executive Producer and General Manager of Visceral Games Steve Papoutsis said that the decision to delay it to March 17 allowed the studio to make Battlefield Hardlin the complete first person shooter experience it set out to deliver.

"We got some pretty pointed feedback after our early beta that you wanted more," Papoutsis said. "And we listened. There's no doubt moving the game back was the right call."

Papoutsis said Visceral used the extra time to add new multiplayer modes, vehicles, gadgets, and weapons that add "a new dimension of speed to Battlefield. All while still staying true to the thing that most sets Battlefield apart – a focus on teamplay and strategy."

Papoutsis took questions from fans on Twitter, where he revealed the game will launch with 51 weapons, 28 gadgets, 27 new vehicles, nine maps, and seven modes.

EA also launched a new blog where it will release new Battlefield Hardline details and trailers every Wedensday leading up to release, starting this week with details on the game's second beta, which should be significantly different than what we've played last year.

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