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There Might Have Been No Uncharted or TLOU If Naughty Dog Didn't Sell to Sony, Founder Says

"I don't think you'd have these games..."


Naughty Dog's Uncharted and The Last of Us franchises might never have even existed had it not been for the developer's decision to sell itself to Sony more than a decade ago. That's according to founder Jason Rubin. He told IGN in a new interview that it simply "made sense" for Naughty Dog and Sony to team up, given their successful working relationship with the Crash and Jak and Daxter franchises.

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"It made sense," he said. "Our relationship with Sony was already so intertwined and magical and amazing that certainties for both parties made a lot of sense. It was the right decision for Naughty Dog. Look where Naughty Dog is today. As an independent, I don't think Naughty Dog could have done that."

"I don't think you'd have these games," he added, presumably referencing the Uncharted and Last of Us franchises. Both have gone on to be critical and commercial successes.

Also in the interview, Rubin said Sony's partnership with Naughty Dog has been "incredibly good." He added that Naughty Dog "could have cratered" if Sony did not give the studio the time and resources it needed.

Get the full story here at IGN.

In addition to ongoing support for Uncharted 4, including more multiplayer updates and a standalone DLC game called The Lost Legacy, Naughty Dog recently announced The Last of Us: Part II.

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