There Are A Bunch Of New Options For Xbox One S Buyers

If you can't wait for an Xbox One X, you can pick up a new S bundle that includes a 500 GB console and some great games.

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Microsoft's new Xbox One X console is set to launch around the world in a little less than a month, but those who are more interested in picking up an Xbox One S have a few new options to choose from. Today, Microsoft announced four new Xbox One S bundles that pack in a white 500 GB console with some great titles or other bonuses.

First is the Minecraft Complete Adventure Bundle, which will be on sale at retailers "in select markets" for $279/£229. Along with the console, the bundle includes a wireless controller, a download code for the popular sandbox game, a code for the complete first season of Minecraft: Story Mode, and a code for the Minecraft Explorer's DLC Pack. Those who pick up this bundle will also get a three-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold and a one-month trial for Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft's Netflix-style game streaming service. Microsoft is also still offering a great-looking limited edition Minecraft bundle for $399 that includes a 1 TB Xbox One S with a custom grass block design and other Minecraft extras.

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Those who prefer shooters can pick up the Xbox One S Ultimate Halo bundle. It likewise retails for $279 and is exclusive to Walmart stores in the US. Along with the console and controller, the bundle includes digital copies of Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection. On top of that, it comes with a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial and a one-month Xbox Game Pass membership.

Europe is also receiving its own exclusive bundle in the form of the Rocket League Blast-Off Bundle. It retails for £229 and, along with the console and a wireless controller, includes a download code for Rocket League, a three-month Xbox Live Gold subscription, and a one-month Xbox Game Pass trial.

If none of those pack-in titles appeals to you, Microsoft is also releasing an Xbox One S Starter bundle. Like the other bundles, it retails for $279/£229 and comes with the system, a wireless controller, and three months of both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. You can purchase the bundle from Microsoft stores or other retailers.

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