Theme Park Returns

Wanted: professional clown with management skills. Bullfrog's amusement-park simulator returns to the US as Theme Park World.


The rumored sequel to Bullfrog Productions' Theme Park was officially announced today. Theme Park World will be the follow-up to the amusement-park management simulation, which was a huge success in Europe but remained relatively unplayed in the United States, with many critics citing the game's reliance on micromanagement as its biggest flaw. According to the information released, Theme Park World will be much bigger in scope than its predecessor. Four themes - outer space, jungle, fantasy, and Halloween - will be available for the player to choose, allowing for different types of rides and attractions.

As in the original, players can design their own rides. This design functionality will not only apply to roller coasters, but to go-carts and water rides as well. Players can also ride the attractions they design.

Theme Park World will use Direct3D for a fully 3D environment, letting the player view the park from any angle and explore the park through the eyes of a customer.

The announcement of the sequel comes at an interesting time, with MicroProse's similar RollerCoaster Tycoon earning much acclaim, as well as many strong comparisons with the original Theme Park. Theme Park World will be shown to the public for the first time at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in May.

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