Theatrhythm Final Fantasy coming West this summer

Nintendo 3DS rhythm game arriving in North America, Europe, and other PAL regions sometime this summer.


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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is coming to the West. Square Enix today announced that the 3DS rhythm game spin-off to its role-playing franchise will come to the United States, Europe, and other PAL regions this summer.

Square Enix's beat-matching Final Fantasy game comes West this summer.
Square Enix's beat-matching Final Fantasy game comes West this summer.

The beat-matching game went on sale exclusively in Japan in February, selling more than 67,000 units in that region during its launch week.

The first rhythm game based on the RPG series, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy sports more than 70 scores that span the franchise's quarter-century history.

In the game, players tap the 3DS touch screen to the beat of a selected song, while battle scenes play out based on user performance.

For more on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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@shmedo yes because we all know final fantasy music sucks right?........ rhythm game + greatest music ever = fun game.

Avatar image for HonorOfGod

Put dissidia on 3ds.

Avatar image for ratchet200

R.I.P Final Fantasy. Nice job Squeenix >.>

Avatar image for alzeer1

i seriously like it

Avatar image for shmedo

I seriously hope nobody buys this "game".

Avatar image for PurpleMaster

Seems like every positive comment on the game is getting low thumbs. Well... I love the FF series ('til X), I love Nobuo Uematsu and his music, I love Rhythm games... Why wouldn't I love this game, as casual as it may be? It is indeed fan service, as Dissidia was. The death of the FF series happened some years ago... This is something good, instead...

Avatar image for Bartrentenaar

Why give this the name Final Fantasy?

Avatar image for madsnakehhh

The game actually looks rather fun.

Avatar image for megakick

How much you want to bet this sells twice as many as final fantasy 13 part 2. Casual games are winning.

Avatar image for Suikogaiden

Final Fantasy is dead to me.

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

Very unusual even for Final Fantasy. This seem to signal that Square Enix is really off the rails.

Avatar image for PcGamingRig

WTF is happening to gaming these days!?!? :( I hope this fails miserably...

Avatar image for franzito

I don't drink FF milk, thanks

Avatar image for DeanoFantasy

Interesting but not good enough.. I hope the game gets far more sophisticated than just following a line on the screen.. Christ...

Avatar image for Blu-Fan-Boy

a joke of a game

Avatar image for hippiesanta

shall I laugh about this?

Avatar image for Omega_Zero69

wheres type-0 come square enix get it together

Avatar image for beny_pimpster

NAH not interested or maybe but i have no plans

Avatar image for lazycomplife

This got good reviews from famitsu. I think elite beat agents + final fantasy is a great idea, personally.

Avatar image for BSEE10

Square is dead.

Avatar image for servb0ts

I play FF song on my keyboard, so of course i'll be into this.

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I cannot for the life of me pronounce Theatrythm. But at least it's not as bad of a name as Revengance...

Avatar image for heroesfan261

and yet we don't get type-0 yet. C'mon square.

Avatar image for raphaeluz

Final Fantasy is dead! :( Thanks Square-Enix

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Wow, this sounds REALLY dumb...and I'm a FF fanboy.

Avatar image for servb0ts

Hell Yeah, I might buy a 3DS now.

Avatar image for soulless4now

I almost forgot this game existed. Now can I have a KH3D release date?

Avatar image for Agent-M

No thanks.

Avatar image for Yomigaeru

I would rather have heard it was Type-0 or Lord of Apocalypse that was coming over, but that's just me I suppose.

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I love the fact that Final Fantasy tries different things with it's titles, like Dirge of Cerberus is a shooter, Revenant Wings is a real time strategy, Tactics is a turn based strategy etc. They try different things, sometimes they aren't as good as others and don't sell that good, but not many other companies do this stuff. Maybe it's cashing on big name like this, but I at least raise my hat when companies boldly try different things especially with a franchise as old as this. Definitely looking forward for this one, hope it's good, and just gotta love music from Uematsu, he truly is a god of video game music :)

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Why does it have to be a Final Fantasy title? Nintendo could have just named it Theatrhythm and labelled it as a "music based RPG", coulda made some nice attention. Original music too!

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Still very on the fence about this, but it looks interesting.

Avatar image for Evenios

be nice if it was an actual old school Final Fantasy game. lol.

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I want Ouendan 3.

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Awesome! Gives me time to get a 3DS and some nice headphones.

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Have heard the game gets boring extremely quickly, so I doubt I'll bother.

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But but but i already own this.. I love this game if you love something like elite beat agents or just love the music of final fantasy you should get it. has a surprising amount of depth to it.

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Theath...theatryth... thaethrythm... jesus christ!

Avatar image for Neostalk

A word shouldn't have that many H's!

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Missed out on EBA, but this game has FF songs in it. SO glad it's getting localized.

Avatar image for nintendo-naut

Yes! I was hoping this would happen!

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Egads, that picture is so darn silly! :P

Avatar image for blackace

Interesting, but I'm pretty tired of rhythm games. Tapping a screen over and over again doesn't transform into fun for me. At least with games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, you actually had instruments to play. Even the DJ game had a turntable.