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The Xbox Series X Showcase Featured Two Games That Are Exclusive To Next-Gen And PC

Not every game from the Inside Xbox reveal will be coming to the Xbox One.


Two of the games shown in the Inside Xbox live stream for May 2020 have been confirmed to not be coming to the Xbox One, but instead releasing on the Xbox Series X and Windows 10 PC. The two games are The Medium and Scorn.

Scorn is the terrifying horror experience from Ebb Software. The story will be non-linear, with players exploring the unfamiliar and scary world for clues and to solve puzzles. The world is filled with disturbing imagery and an unsettling environment.

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The Medium is a next gen psychological horror game from the Blair Witch developers Bloober. In the game you play as Marianne, a medium who lives in the real world and the spirit world all at once. Marianne is haunted by a vision of a child’s murder and must travel to an abandoned hotel resort where an unspeakable tragedy occurred.

Both games will not be available on the Xbox One, instead launching on the Xbox Series X and Windows 10 on the PC. According to the Scorn Kickstarer, the developers found picking the Xbox Series X as the release console to be an easy choice, citing the hardware as their main motivation. Scorn will also be released on Steam, Windows Store, and GOG for the PC.

Bloober's The Medium will be an Xbox Series X exclusive, with 4k resolution, ray-tracing technology, and SSD for a single, seemliness cinematic experience without any loading screens. According to Xbox Wire, the main reasons behind why The Medium is elusive to the new system will remain a surprise for now.

The Medium is set to release this holiday season, alongside the Xbox Series X. Scorn has no release date as of yet.

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