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The Xbox Series X Fridge Is Now In Dirt 5

The meme fridge is now available for placement on custom maps for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.


The Xbox Series X fridge, the meme that keeps on giving, has found its way into Dirt 5 as part of the Power Your Memes Pack. The pack is available exclusively as a Game Pass Ultimate perk for Dirt 5 on Xbox and the Windows 10 version on PC. The pack contains the infamous Xbox Series X fridge as an item that can be placed in Dirt 5's Playgrounds, its custom arena creator. Players who download the pack can also play on maps with the fridge that other players have created.

Based on the images posted by developer Codemasters, the in-game model of the fridge is opened slightly, with a variety of colorful drinks visible. The pack also includes three car skins to use in-game: one for the BMW M2 Competition, Sodicars Racing BV6, and Jimco Unlimited Class 1. It's unclear why exactly the Xbox Series X fridge is being added to the game, but it will probably lead to some interesting player-created maps.

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The Xbox Series X fridge first came around after Microsoft officially announced that the console is, in fact, not the size of a refrigerator in response to memes about the two items having a similar shape. Microsoft took the meme one step further by creating actual, full-sized refrigerators modeled after the Xbox Series X. Later, Microsoft created mini versions of the refrigerator, as part of a marketing deal with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and eventually promised to manufacture some for sale after beating Skittles in a Twitter battle.

Codemasters was recently acquired by EA after the company stepped in with a higher offer than Take-Two, which was also trying to acquire the racing game developer. Dirt 5 is available on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC. It is also currently available as part of Xbox Game Pass on PC and console.

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