The Xbox man of steel

We have the first screenshots from and information on Infogrames' upcoming Superman game for the Xbox.


Infogrames has released the first screenshots from and several pieces of information on one of its latest Xbox games, Superman: The Man of Steel. Not to be confused with the company's other Superman game--Superman: Shadow of Apokolips for the PlayStation 2--The Man of Steel's storyline revolves around Brainiac 13's attempt to take control of all the advanced technology within the city of Metropolis. A number of other villains, including Superman's nemesis, Lex Luthor, make appearances throughout the game.

As Superman, players will be able to fly around the city of Metropolis in order to prevent Braniac's army of robots from doing any harm to the citizens. They'll have access to all of Superman's special abilities, such as super strength, heat vision, ice breath, X-ray vision, and others. Of course, Superman will also be able to use a basic assortment of punch combinations when engaging in close-range combat with enemies. All these powers will come into play as Braniac starts to attack the city by damaging buildings, causing train accidents, and putting citizens in danger.

In addition to Metropolis, Infogrames plans to include other locales from the comic book such as the Phantom Zone and Warworld. Superman: The Man of Steel is currently in development at Circus Freak Studios and it's scheduled for release in the fall.

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