The Wrestlers of WWF No Mercy

Curious to see how your favorite WWF Superstars look in THQ's latest WWF game? THQ and GameSpot will be working together to release the roster of wrestlers in the game, posting a bio, shots, and movies of one wrestler each weekday until the entire, regular roster is shown.


As the World Wrestling Federation evolves, its constantly changing roster must be updated to reflect new teams, partnerships, affiliations, betrayals, feuds, and even new Superstars themselves. And that's why the sequel to last year's WWF Wrestlemania 2000, THQ's latest N64 WWF game, WWF No Mercy's biggest asset is its updated roster - currently accurate and reflecting exactly what's going on in the WWF right now.

THQ and GameSpot will be working together to release the roster of wrestlers in the game, posting a bio, shots, and movies of one wrestler each weekday until the entire, regular roster is shown. Once that's finished, we'll be adding more new shots and entrance movies every weekday, so be sure to come back tomorrow, the next day, and so on.

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Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus - one of the WWF's most infamous sources of eye candy - has quite a few burly contenders wrapped around her finger. First appearing in a Sunday Night Heat taping in March 2000, Trish solidified her grasp on both Test and Prince Albert that very night. Subsequently adopting the tag team moniker T & A, the duo has ruffled their share of feathers under the leadership of the canny Trish. One can only assume that she has big plans for the duo.

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Taka Michinoku

The superb athlete known as Taka Michinoku - Funaki's high-flying tag-team partner - is quite the formidable wrestler, despite the size difference between himself and most of his contemporaries. What he doesn't have in brawn, he makes up for with his wily, heedless fighting style, which has earned him (and his partner) countless accolades throughout wrestling federations the world over. What's more, Taka was the WWF's first lightweight champion - truly an honor.

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Essa Rios

Essa Rios - master of spinning planchas and suicide dives - has some of the WWF's most devastating aerial assaults at his disposal. Once tight with his ex-valet Lita, Essa, in a fit of rage and frustration, attacked her after a stunning defeat at the hands of Matt Hardy. Now, lonely and broken but driven nonetheless, Essa Rios continues to hone his deadly aerial skills, all too ready for the moment when destiny looks his way.

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Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley - WWF president Vince McMahon's prodigal daughter - has proven to be an asset for the Federation, not to mention her family. Surprisingly, however, Stephanie has married Hunter Hearst Helmsley, or Triple H as he's commonly known, a notorious wrestler and an outspoken critic of her father. With him at her side, Stephanie McMahon has proven to be quite a mover in the Federation. The combination of her lineage and her powerful mate makes her untouchable - quite an asset in the often intrigue-filled world that is professional wrestling.

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Hailing from the northern reaches of Japan, the relatively diminutive Funaki is one of the Federation's most gifted athletes. To see the man in motion, amid death-defying flips and tumultuous tumbles, is to see the human body working at peak efficiency. Along with his partner Taka, Funaki has held a multitude of titles the world over, most notably the WWF Hardcore Title.

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Once a bodyguard for the legendary rockers Motley Crue, Test has quickly risen in the ranks of the WWF and is now one of the league's most promising young contenders. Immediately aligning himself with Vince McMahon's camp upon joining, Test remained a useful member of the Corporation until the tides turned and Vince's son Shane wrested control of the alliance from his father. Today, Test is running with Prince Albert and Trish Status as part of the T & A tag team, which has proven quite beneficial for him. Undoubtedly, Test will be one to watch in the future.

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Formerly known as King Mabel, the belly-drop master currently known as Viscera is quite a handful. At 6 feet 6 inches and 550 pounds, Viscera is a veritable one-man army, quite capable of exerting his deadly mass to lethal ends. Wrestlers everywhere had best beware, lest Viscera compromise the integrity of their skeletal structures.

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Ex-G.L.O.W. wrestler Ivory - quite possibly the most skilled female combatant in the WWF - has recently been taken in by the faction that seeks to censor the league. Under the tutelage of men like Steven Richards and Bull Buchanan, Ivory has come to realize that her role as a sex symbol didn't do her justice and set a bad example for the hordes of female fans who undoubtedly look up to her. Taking her role of sanitzer to heart, Ivory currently shuns the high heels, miniskirts, and midriff-exposing sports bras that seem to have become synonymous with women's wrestling as of late. Will this change of heart last long? You can't be too sure in the fickle world of the WWF.

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Steve Blackman

Shotokan karate master Steve Blackman, also known as "The Lethal Weapon," is easily among the most accomplished athletes and martial artists in the WWF. Despite his obvious talent, though, the 6-foot-2-inch 245-pound Pennsylvania native is normally quite stoic, preferring to let his deadly skills do the talking. In truth, this "Hard-Core Champion" is a force to be reckoned with - if not for his lethal hand-to-hand skills, then for the solid kendo sticks, which he won't hesitate to use in the heat of a fray.

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Bull Buchanan

Bull Buchanan serves as the muscle behind the WWF's cadre of censors. As his group has recently become disillusioned with the brazen nature of the league, they have deemed rough tactics necessary, which Bull is more than happy to employ. He's an ex-cop, so we can only assume that he's naturally inclined, not to mention enthusiastically willing, to strong-arm the Federation into compliance.

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Steven Richards

Stephen Richards - the self-appointed censor of the WWF - is on a mission to cleanse the filthy league of all manner of depravity. His most notable action has been to rid the WWF of Godfather's "Ho Train," in the process recruiting the proprietor of said train. He's also made moves on a smaller level, including attempts to regulate the league's use of tables as weapons and to prevent a certain wrestler's use of blow-up dolls as props. In short, Stephen's moral policing of the WWF has made a lot of people angry, but he's also garnered much in the way of support from his fellow wrestlers. How his crusade will end is anyone's guess.

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The Undertaker

The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the WWF's most memorable figures. Since he first stepped into the ring in 1990's Survivor Series, the "American Bad Ass," as he's often called, has effectively dominated not only his enemies, but also the sport itself. His recent yearlong absence from the ring - due to a terrible motorcycle accident - hasn't slowed him down a bit, as he's now regularly seen ripping his way through arenas on his fearsome bike, ready to show any comers just how deadly his trademark move, The Last Ride, is.

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Dean Malenko

The ambitious upstart Dean Malenko, who currently holds the position of WWF Lightweight Champion, has a bone to pick with the Federation and its fans. He wants to become one of the WWF's heavy hitters - a genuine headliner - but constantly finds himself playing the unenviable role of a heel. A far cry indeed from his days as WCW US Champion. Things may look up for Malenko, however, as he comes from a long line of legendary wrestlers. And heritage can't be beat - just ask The Rock. The future of "The Man With a Thousand Holds" is truly up in the air.

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Tori should serve as an inspiration to all idle wrestling fans. While her beginnings were that of an arena-hopping fan, Tori eventually made it into the WWF, and she is now among its biggest stars. Tori has lately taken up the company of Degeneration X, playing the role of valet and lover to X-Pac, after a falling out with her former partner, the solemn, mysterious Kane. Nowadays she can be seen causing grievous bodily harm to any who dare get too close to ringside during particularly heated matches.

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Steve Austin

Recently recovered from a vehicular assault at the hands of Rikishi, Stone Cold Steve Austin is back in town and out for blood. While this famous brawler's reputation precedes him, a small summary of his relatively short but accolade-filled career is in order. He was the 1996 King of the Ring, and he has held the title of World Wrestling Federation champion more times than we care to count. He has also bested many of the WWF's best (The Rock and Mick Foley, among others) on countless occasions. The Texas Rattlesnake has indeed played a large role in helping the institution of "sports-entertainment" achieve the incredible popularity that it's currently enjoying. That said, the book of Austin 3:16 is a wide-open one - one whose final chapters have yet to be penned.

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Along with his fellow Canadian brother Christian, Edge is part of one of the most successful tag teams in wrestling history. Going by the simple moniker "Edge and Christian," the dynamic duo captures the hearts of fans. In turn, those fans frequently capture the pair's likeness on film, and Edge and Christian gladly pose to "benefit those with flash photography." Edge is the current Intercontinental Champion, an honor that was bestowed upon him in his hometown of Toronto. Along with Christian, Edge also took part in the legendary TLC (tables, ladders, and chairs) Match, one of the most famous tag-team matches in WWF history.

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While not an active wrestler, Terri is one of the most powerful women in the WWF. Terri has an amazing sexual power over men, and she uses it to her advantage. Her draw was most apparent during the Terri Invitational Tournament, where Christian, Edge, and the Hardy Boyz competed in several grueling matches to earn her as their manager. The Hardys won the tournament, but Terri left their side after being powerbombed through a table at the hands of Buh Buh Ray Dudley. Terri is currently in a business relationship with Saturn, and she is in the middle of a mean feud with her longtime enemy, the Kat.

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Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Holly has tried several shticks before finally settling on simply being hardcore. A veteran of the WWF, he was X-Pac's original tag team partner, and took the Tag Team Championship several years ago. He was also part of the New Midnight Express and the J.O.B Squad before he became disenchanted with the Federation front office and decided to rebel. Holly developed his hardcore nature, and now limits himself to wrestling in the Federation's hardcore division. Though he's a dirty fighter and has a tendency to ambush his opponents from behind, Holly is considered to be a momma's boy, and often uses tame insults when verbally assaulting other wrestlers. Still, Holly is considered by many to be one of the most technically sound competitors in the Federation, sporting a dropkick that is one of the best in the business.

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Amy Dumas, known as Lita in the WWF is not a force to be taken lightly. Her roots lay deep in the underground "basement" Mexican wrestling leagues, and her talent and raw ability proves that Lita has worked long and hard perfecting her craft. It's safe to say that the current WWF Women's Champion is far from a polished and primped dolled-up ditz in gladiator's clothing. Packing a mean moonsault, Lita is perhaps the most acrobatically talented of all the female wrestlers, and combined with her current status as valet for the Hardy Boyz, Lita's place in the annuls of wrestling seems quite assured.

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The British Bulldog

Davey Boy Smith, known to his fans as the British Bulldog is one of the most decorated and relentless athletes in Federation history. This 6'3" Manchester native proudly represented himself and his native England for many years, winning the Intercontinental Championship once and the Tag Team Championship twice before becoming the first-ever European Champion. Unfortunately, a severe injury sidelined the Bulldog for some time, and his fans feared that the powerhouse would never return to the ring. The Bulldog surprised everyone when he returned to the ring in September of last year and quickly took the Hardcore title. Many analysts consider the Bulldog a rising star in the Federation, and the Bulldog wants nothing better than to win the Federation Championship for England.

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Crash uses the same gimmick as his cousin Hardcore Holly. Though it's obvious that neither wrestler is as big or as tall as they claim, Crash insists that he's 6'6" and weighs in at well over 400 lbs. Claiming to be a super-heavyweight, Crash feels that his wrestling skills are so supreme that facing anyone smaller than him is a waste of his time. To attest to this, Crash will occasionally carry a scale into the ring and force his opponents to weigh in before he'll agree to wrestle them. If Crash feels his opponent doesn't meet the minimum requirements he'll firmly refuse to wrestle them. While Crash's methods may seem a little odd, he backs them with pure wrestling talent, and is the current Hardcore champion. Crash defends his title on a 24-7 stipulation, offering to take on any challenger at any time.

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Faarooq has helped cast aside the ridiculous gothic influence on his tag-team group, the Acolytes, and has re-embraced his roots as a tough Texan who likes nothing more than cold beer, playing cards, and putting opponents in the hurt locker. The Acolytes are now the Acolyte Protection Agency - a freelance tag team that offers protection to any Federation superstar for the right amount of money. After Faarooq and Bradshaw collect their check, there's nothing better they like doing than spending it all on booze and cigars - and getting messed up Texan style. His sheer size and tenacity make Faarooq one of the best plain and simple brawlers in the Federation, and his tendency to pick fights at the drop of a hat make him as dangerous as he is intimidating.

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Rikishi, the tough-as-nails Samoan cousin of The Rock, is much feared in the ring, due to his impressive girth, and his propensity for using his posterior as a deadly weapon. Indeed, the mere mention of his Stink Face maneuver - during which he sits on opponents' faces, bare bottom exposed - causes even the most mighty of opponents to shudder. Recently involved in a controversy of titanic magnitude involving the running down of Stone Cold Steve Austin's body with an automobile, it's safe to say that Rikishi isn't the fan favorite he once was. Will he be redeemed? Was it all a misunderstanding? Rikishi's fans sure hope so.

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The Goodfather

Formerly a top-rate pimp who only wrestled in the WWF to show his fans that pimping wasn't easy, the Godfather has since seen the error in his ways and has cast aside his sinful past only to find a new life as the Goodfather. Convinced that he was pimping away his mind, body, and soul, the Goodfather has given up his immorality and now defends what he deems is right through selective censorship and a good ol' Federation style whuppin'. As part of the new Rights to Censor group, the Goodfather no longer considers himself friends with his former associates, and even rebukes the sinful nature of the prostitutes he once employed.

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Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn started his professional wrestling career in the WCW. Simply going by Saturn, he was an essential part of the Raven's flock, a group of young wrestlers who were into torn clothing, body piercings, and an almost gutter look. Saturn soon fell out of Raven's company, and decided to hop federations and join the WWF six months ago. Now known as Perry Saturn, he brings his skills as a black belt and his tenacious wrestling skills to bear as a middle class wrestler. With his shaved head, pierced ears, and numerous tattoos Saturn's appearance is unique and intimidating. Saturn is currently involved in a business relationship with Terri Runnels and is looking to become a main-event wrestler in the WWF.

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The Hardy Boyz

Jeff and Matt Hardy were wrestling in backyard leagues for years before they broke into the WWF. Two of the youngest, most talented aerial wrestlers in the business, the Hardy Boyz amaze audiences with their incredible flair and fearless attitude. Last year the Hardy Boyz defeated Christian and Edge to win the finals of the Terri Invitational Tournament, and became the Federation's Tag Team Champions. With an affection for ladders and stylized facial hair, and currently accompanied by Women's Champion Lita, the Hardy Boyz are two brothers bound for Federation greatness.

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Kurt Angle

This Pennsylvanian gold medal winner - who claims to be the "only true athlete" in the World Wrestling Federation - has recently exhibited enough honor and might to win this year's King of the Ring Tournament. Seems like the gold medal isn't for nothing. Undoubtedly owing his numerous career highlights - which include both Intercontinental and European championships - to his powerful Olympic Slam, the six-foot, two-inch gladiator takes himself, and his work (the beating of foes' behinds) quite seriously. With Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley as his new valet, he'll no doubt have trouble dealing with The Game.

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Mark Henry

A former Olympic weight lifter, Mark Henry is quite the powerhouse, not only having the agility to dunk a basketball, but also the strength to pull off the toughest power maneuvers in the sport. Still, Henry is known more for his exploits outside the ring - more specifically, the romancing of the paradoxically named Mae Young. Smooth, grinning, and strangely blessed with a penchant for poetry, he spends his spare time working on his other "game," with the kind of sweet musings that have earned him the nickname of Sexual Chocolate by the ladies of the WWF.

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As the first woman to ever take part in the Royal Rumble and King of the Hill tournaments, the six foot, 200 pound Chyna has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with. What's more, after having won the honor of Intercontinental Champion at the 1999 No Mercy event, Chyna went on to be voted "Diva of the Year" by the WWF's fans. Naturally, it's needless to say that Chyna has shown the boys of the WWF that she can compete with the best of them. Boasting beauty, power, and a peerless level of charisma, Chyna has proven to be the heroine that the WWF has been waiting for.

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Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero was a fairly unrecognized wrestler in the WCW for years before only recently joining the WWF. Having been in the WWF for only a few months, Guerrero has already shown plenty of promise as one of the Federation's newest rising star. As the Latino Heat, Guerrero adds plenty of Hispanic flavor to the WWF, and is not only known for his unorthodox ring manner, but his noticeable technical talent. Guerrero has already won another Federation championship, and is the current Intercontinental Champion. The Latino Heat is not only a talented wrestler, but a renowned lover - he was recently seeing Chyna; a relationship that has abruptly ended due to his philandering ways.

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Buh Buh Ray Dudley

Thanks to the mysterious daddy Dudley, the international womanizer, the Dudley seed has been spread around the world. The result of that is the Dudley Boyz, the unlikely teaming of two estranged brothers who tout their proud heritage in the ring. One of the most aggressive and violent tag teams in the Federation, the Dudley Boyz joined the WWF after a four year stint in the ECW. Buh Buh Ray Dudley is easily the more interesting of the two - his stuttering speech and womanizer ways make him a colorful, if not pathetic backwater redneck. But there's nothing pathetic about his in-ring antics, as Buh Buh Ray is more than eager to send opponents through tables. And, teamed up with D-Von, can perform the 3D - the Dudley Death Drop.

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Mick Foley

Known for his ability to take pain and punishment better than any other wrestler in Federation history, the Commissioner Mick Foley, aka Mankind, has proven himself one of the most worthy and dedicated wrestlers in the history of the sport. Before he was picked up by the WWF Foley spent several years touring the Japanese and independent wrestling circuits, usually performing in insane hardcore matches involving explosives and barbed-wire. A working man's wrestler, Mankind became most popular only a year before he decided to retire. Dubbed the Rock and Sock Connection, the teaming between Mankind and the Rock was one of the most electrifying and popular tag teams in wrestling history, ending only when the two were forced to wrestle each other in a no holds barred hardcore match. In the most important and well-remembered match of Foley's career, the Rock defeated Mankind by hammering him repeatedly in the head with a steel chair. Foley may have retired the Mankind mask, but as the new Federation Commissioner, Foley has the opportunity to still be an integral part of the business he loves so much.

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Bradshaw has helped cast aside the ridiculous gothic influence on his tag-team group, the Acolytes, and has re-embraced his roots as a tough Texan who likes nothing more than cold beer, playing cards, and putting opponents in the hurt locker. The Acolytes are now the Acolyte Protection Agency - a freelance tag team that offers protection to any Federation superstar for the right amount of money. After Faarooq and Bradshaw collect their check, there's nothing better they like doing than spending it all on booze - and getting messed up Texan style. But even when sober, Bradshaw is one of the meanest, grizzled tag team wrestlers in the Federation.

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Originally debuting as Gagrel's underling, it was later learned that Christian was the brother of fellow wrestler, Edge. The two teamed up, and together are one of the most high-impact teams in the Federation. Christian often risks his own health to perform insanely dangerous aerial maneuvers, and is known for his high-risk shenanigans. This former Light Heavyweight Champion may be smaller than most Federation wrestlers, but he more than makes up for it with his fearless ring style. Christian and Edge both love their fans, and often strike poses "for the benefit of those with flash photography."

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The Rock

One of the most popular wrestlers to emerge in the nineties, the Rock is a powerhouse wrestler with plenty of talent and attitude. Donning himself as the People's Champion, the Rock is a force of both power and emotion, and has gathered a huge fan base. Not only talented but charismatic, the Rock has popularized more original slogans and one-liners than any wrestler in Federation history. The Rock has proven that he has both the talent and the desire to back up his mouth, and has taken both the Federation Championship and the Tag Team Championship on several occasions. Though now a seasoned veteran of the WWF, his amazing popularity and incredible talent assure that the Rock will continue to be one of the cornerstones of the WWF in the new millennium.

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Triple H

Luck has nothing to do with the rise of Hunter Hearst Helmsley. After teaming up with Shawn Michaels and female bodyguard Chyna, Triple H formed D-Generation X and dramatically changed the face of the WWF forever. After Michaels went on hiatus due to injuries, Triple H stepped into the spotlight and assumed leadership of the faction. But in a short time Triple H went from one of the most popular superstars in the federation to one of the most hated when he turned his back on his own friends and aligned himself with the scheming Shane McMahon. And while fans may not agree with Triple H's motives, his actions certainly prove that Triple H wants nothing but success - during his solo stint Triple H captured the Federation Championship, and proved that he was more than just a DX front man. Now married to Stephanie McMahon, Hunter is back together with his old DX mates and is more prepared than ever to achieve his goals and prove that he is "The Game".

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Big Boss Man

A wildly popular superstar from the early nineties, the Big Boss Man only recently returned to the ring after being absent for several years. Vince McMahon called upon the Boss Man for protection from the likes of the then feuding Steve Austin and the Undertaker. But the Big Boss Man was not content to simply protect McMahon; he quickly established himself as an offensive force when he took his first Federation title - the Hardcore championship. Shortly after he teamed with Ken Shamrock and together they became tag team champions. Apparently taking such a long vacation from the ring to develop his physique and talents, the Big Boss Man that returned to the Federation is a leaner, quicker wrestler with years of experience and plenty of attitude to see him to the top.

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D-Von Dudley

The Dudley Boyz are two backwoods brothers that make up one of the better tag teams in the Federation. Originally from the Philadelphia-based Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion, both Buh Buh Ray and D-Von Dudley decided to bring their talents to the WWF. The Dudley Boyz hail from the south side of Dudleyville, a small redneck town where the beer is cold and the men wear flannel. D-Von is the larger, darker wrestler of the two, and has a penchant for dishing out the pain and throwing other wrestlers through tables. That, combined with the nefarious 3D - the Dudley Death Drop make Dudleys a feared group in the Federation.

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Billy Gunn

Taking the moniker of Badd Ass after leaving his three-time Tag Team Championship team, the Smokin' Gunns, Billy Gunn found a new attitude when he joined forces with the Road Dogg Jesse James. Crowning themselves the New Age Outlaws, the Road Dogg and Badd Ass took the Tag Team Championship a total of five times, and were arguably the most talented and accomplished tag team in Federation history. The Outlaws soon joined D-Generation X, a conglomerate of young, hip wrestlers with an anti-establishment, rebellious nature. Mr. Ass is not only a great team wrestler, but he easily holds his own in the singles competition. Thought by many to be one of the best wrestlers in the sport, Billy Gunn came close to taking the Intercontinental Championship on multiple occasions, and only recently secured the Hardcore Title. Recently ousted from D-Generation X because of an injury, it's unknown whether Mr. Ass will seek revenge on his former group, or whether he'll try to re-form the New Age Outlaws with former partner Road Dogg.

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Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit recently joined the WWF after a long stint as a talented but underrated wrestler in the WCW. The Crippler is an extremely technical wrestler, employing picture perfect holds and slams. Benoit doesn't try to spice up his image with watered down plots or gimmicks. Content to simply wrestle, Benoit displayed his talent by taking the Intercontinental title from both Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. The Crippler's current plans are unknown, but don't be surprised to see him climbing the Federation ranks.

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D'Lo Brown

One of the WWF's most exciting performers, D'Lo combines unique and explosive maneuvers with tactical efficiency. Comfortable both on the mat and in the air, this jaw-jacking Chicago native has a penchant for supplementing classic wrestling moves with a style that is all his own. D'Lo began his career in the Federation as a bodyguard for the Nation of Domination, but has since gone solo and let his unique abilities shine; taking the Intercontinental Title earlier this year after already holding the European belt four times. D'Lo Brown lays opponents flat with Sky High, his version of the powerbomb, then finishes them off with a frogsplash variation he calls the 'Lo Down.

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Shawn Micheals

The World Wrestling Federation's spokesperson is far from being just another executive in a suit. Shawn "The Heartbreak Kid" Michaels has been putting the hurt on opponents for over a decade. Michaels holds the distinction of being the only competitor in history to capture the "Grand Slam" of the Federation (holding the Federation Title, Intercontinental Title, European Title and Tag Team Title). HBK is a consummate professional, and a self proclaimed ICON of sports entertainment. One of the hardest working men in the industry, his Sweet Chin Music has leveled the toughest of competition, and sent his opponents home in stretchers. In the summer of 2000, Michaels handed over his title as WWF Commissioner to another Federation standout, Mick Foley, best known as the irrepressible Mankind. While not wrestling due to injury, Michaels continues to promote the WWF around the world.

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Grand Master Sexay

Formerly known as "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher, Grand Master Sexay returned to the WWF after a knee injury with a new look, name and attitude. Now, teamed up with Scotty 2 Hotty, Grand Master Sexay makes up the better half of Too Cool, the Federation's young white-boy hip-hop tag team. Grand Master Sexay will fearlessly bust his 'running man' dance in the face of any opponent, and has a new lewd attitude. Despite his ridiculous ring antics, Grand Master Sexay remains one of the best pound-for-pound young athletes in the sport, and Too Sexy has a bright future in the Federation.

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Originally debuting as Chyna's personal assistant, "Miss Kitty" eventually stepped out from behind the large shadow of her original employer and established herself as the Kat. The Kat is a strong competitor, and proved that she has both the moves and the curves of a champion when she took the Women's Championship this year. Confident and beautiful, the Kat is not afraid to show some skin to gain some fans, and is constantly appearing in the ring in sometimes odd, sometimes fetish-inspired, but always-skimpy outfits. Kat's plans for the future are unknown, but her aggressive and ambitious nature guarantee she'll be one of the most influential female personalities in the Federation.

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Scotty Too Hotty

Scotty Too Hotty is the other half of the tag team partnership Too Cool. Returning to the ring after a knee injury last year, Too Cool was reborn with a brand new sassy attitude and a penchant for dealing out the pain. Previously known as "Too Hot" Scott Taylor, Scotty Too Hotty may be smaller than his tag team counterpart, but his agility and speed make him a formidable opponent. Combined with his stupefying signature move, The Worm, Scotty Too Hotty is more than capable of putting his enemies in the hurt locker. A hip hop white-boy to the heart, Scotty Too Hotty represents the young, new face of the Federation.

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Known as the street brawler from Brooklyn, Tazz joined the Federation at Royal Rumble 2000. Though new to the Federation, Tazz has been wrestling in various venues for more than 13 years. This experience was demonstrated when Tazz took the Hardcore belt last summer. Rough, rugged, and raw, Tazz is the type that won't hesitate to put the Tazzmission on anyone who stands in his way.

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Ken Shamrock

Long before he stepped into the wrestling ring, Ken Shamrock earned a living by trouncing the best fighters in the world in no-holds-barred shoot-fighting tournaments. After gaining recognition stateside in the early Ultimate Fighting Championships, The World's Most Dangerous Man proved he was a quick learner by immediately leaping into the top heavyweight ranks of the WWF soon after his pro wrestling debut. He's unpredictable, and not just because of an intense temper that has a habit of exploding on the competition, but also because of an arsenal of moves that combines submission moves and martial arts into devastating combinations and counters that have never before been seen in the squared circle.

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Al Snow

Able to write backwards on his own forehead, Al Snow has gained notoriety for his excellence in hard-core matches and for his love of his mannequin head, named simply Head. He's not nearly as crazy as he would have the competition believe, and his wacky approach to the ring belies a technical skill that is actually the model for many of the youngsters in wrestling today. Sane or insane, Snow's mat and aerial skills and his willingness to take matches to their most extreme make him one of the WWF's most well-rounded competitors.

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While the full scope of his power remains a mystery, Kane's impact on the sport is anything but. At seven feet tall, he weighs in as one of the few men in the world who can stand blow for blow against his brother, The Undertaker. Kane's stormy relationship with the dark leader of The Ministry has led to many of the most memorable moments in WWF history, including its first-ever Inferno Match. Already a former World Wrestling Federation champion and multitime Tag Team titleholder, The Big Red Machine has recently broken out of his cold shell and is starting to show some actual emotion in the ring.

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Since he lost his long-time partner Droz last year, the former Prince Albert has had to re-invent himself. Now simply known as Albert, he is currently teamed with Test in the Trish Stratus-led tag team T&A. Albert is a graduate of the World Wrestling Federation's training camp, the PowerPlant, and is one of the most powerful and hairy Superstars on the Federation's roster. Albert pleases crowds with his foolish and cheerful nature, and destroys opponents with his finishing move, the sit-down powerbomb.

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Chris Jericho

The Ayatollah of Rock n' Rolla, the self-proclaimed superstar for the next millenium, Chris Jericho entered the World Wrestling Federation to an unprecedented combination of cheers and jeers when he claimed to be the one person who could save professional wrestling. He's armed with an ego second to none and talent to spare, but it still remains to be seen whether or not he has the prowess to cash the checks that his mouth started writing within seconds of his Raw is War debut. But one thing is certain: Because of Jericho, the World Wrestling Federation will never, ever, be the same again.

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X-Pac's small frame and somewhat lithe nature is somewhat misleading - in actuality he's one of the most dynamic and deadly foes in the Federation. Preferring flashy, aerial moves and lightning-fast kicks, X-Pac is a spectacular performer. His two-time reign as the European Champion and success in both D-Generation X and his infamous tag team partnership with Kane prove that X-Pac is not an opponent to be taken lightly. Formerly the 1-2-3 Kid, X-Pac returned to the Federation on March 30, 1998 with his new rebel attitude and poorly groomed beard. Recently, X-Pac has been feuding with his old DX-Mate, the Road Dogg Jesse James.

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Val Venis

Val Venis, known by many as "the biggest" has since shed his adult film past, and the two-time Intercontinental Champion has recently re-claimed the belt from Ken Shamrock. Venis has had stormy affairs with several of the Federation's Divas, including Terri Runnels and Ken Shamrock's younger sister. Venis is currently involved in a "business relationship" with Trish Stratus. Val Venis is a successful Superstar due to his quick aerial maneuvers and his amazing brute strength.

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Road Dogg

Sporting such infamous lines as "Your ass better call somebody!" Road Dogg is one of the more charismatic characters in the WWF lineup. Teamed with Mr. Ass, Road Dogg formed the New Age Outlaws, one of the most successful tag teams in Federation history. Road Dogg proved himself a worthy teammate on numerous occasions, securing the Tag Team Championship on five separate occasions. But even alone, Road Dogg is a force to be reckoned with. He was one of the first Hardcore Championships before he was forced to give up the belt because of an injury. But just a few weeks after returning to the ring, Road Dogg defeated Val Venis to become the Intercontinental Champion.

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