The Worst Zelda Game Ever Has Been Ported To Game Boy

Zelda's Adventure, the oft-forgotten third CD-i entry, has been ported to Game Boy by one determined developer.\


The three Zelda games for the ill-fated Phillips CD-i are considered some of the worst games ever made, but sometimes your curiosity gets the better of you. If you want to play Zelda's Adventure, arguably the least-known of the three, we've got good news: A fan developer has ported it to Game Boy (via Time Extension).

Developer John Lay took the top-down Zelda's Adventure and translated it into a version for Game Boy that strongly resembles the original Link's Awakening, which was the first Zelda game for that platform. They achieved this using a modified version of GBStudio. It's playable on PC or any other platform that supports Game Boy emulation, including the Analogue Pocket.

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If you aren't familiar with Zelda's Adventure, it's the CD-i game that features live-action cutscenes and a photorealistic art style that's unique, if nothing else. Several of the people used in the game were non-actors, including developer Viridis Corporation's office receptionist Diane Burns as Princess Zelda. It does not have the infamous animated cutscenes that you've no doubt seen on YouTube dozens of times--those are the other two. Back in 2020, a developer named Dopply released unofficial remastered versions of the other two CD-i Zeldas, Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon, making them playable for the first time on PC.

It's worth noting that we're only a few days away from the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which is apparently even more open-ended than you might expect.

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