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The World is Not Enough Preview

The world's sexiest, craftiest, most debonair spy is back not only on the movie screen but also on the video game screen. The World Is Not Enough follows the recent trend of making James Bond games that closely follow the plotlines of the movies they're named after.


The world's sexiest, craftiest, most debonair spy is back not only on the movie screen but also on the video game screen. The World Is Not Enough follows the recent trend of making James Bond games that closely follow the plotlines of the movies they're named after. The PS2 version is not only the first Bond game to make an appearance on Sony's new box, but it's also the first first-person-shooter for the PS2. And the combination of id Software's Quake III Arena engine, the PlayStation2's muscle, and the James Bond license should make The World Is Not Enough more than enough for people who couldn't get enough GoldenEye.

The second game since EA assumed the Bond license from Rare, TWINE will be EA's first developmental attempt on the PS2. EA decided to scrap the third-person perspective found in its last Bond game in favor of a viewing scheme that puts you more into the shoes of Bond. Jon Horsley, the executive producer on the PS2 version of TWINE explains why this was a critical choice in the development process: "We think the first-person perspective does a better job of bringing the player into the game and providing a better 'through the eyes of James Bond' experience. Plus, it allows for a tighter control, easier aiming and a more realistic approach. We think it will provide the ultimate, intense Bond experience." Just as in the other Bond games, the focus isn't just on killing people - each mission will have certain objectives that you'll have to complete before you can finish the level. These objectives will differ between skill levels, and they can even be updated while you're playing a level, providing you with different means of accomplishing a task depending on your actions. But while the general theme of the game seems extremely similar to other spy-styled first-person shooters, Horsley promises TWINE will be different: "We plan on offering the sex appeal of the Bond women, exotic locations, and the fantastic weaponry and gadgets found in 007's world. Plus a little [gameplay] variety with boating, skiing and a casino experience. [TWINE will also feature] stealth missions." In essence, EA is striving to make TWINE more diverse and authentic to the James Bond experience than any other FPS games on the market.

Although built on a game engine specifically dedicated to shooting, Horsley states that TWINE isn't really a shooter. "The shooting is not really a goal but just the natural result of the conflict that comes within the missions." As such, TWINE is focused more on the actual mission objectives, letting you experience being every aspect of Bond - from the shooting, to the fact collecting, to social events. "[the PS2 TWINE] will have a wide range of experiences. Some missions such as Villa or Casino are dedicated to stealth; others, such as Istanbul or City of Walkways, are rock-and-roll action. All of the missions are also filled with nonshooting, more spy-inspired tasks and objectives. For the first time, we will be offering nonlethal weapons. If you choose, you can effectively play the game without killing hardly anyone."

Experiencing every aspect of being Bond includes using all his amazing spy gadgets and high-powered weapons. The PS2 version of TWINE will feature more than 20 weapons and gadgets. Each of these weapons and gadgets will have its own unique feel and affect enemies differently. "We're currently planning over 20 different weapons and gadgets for the game to give the player the fullest game experience possible. A few examples of our gadgets are X-ray glasses, a listening bug, and a taser watch. And of course all the weapons you would expect from Q-Lab."

While the game is still at an early stage, the levels and characters look amazing. The levels in TWINE are much bigger than in GoldenEye, with some levels being astonishingly huge. Horsley doesn't anticipate this creating a problem for the PS2's graphics. "The overall frame rate is going to be pretty screaming fast. We have high hopes for 60fps but will settle for nothing lower than 30fps. We have some very sophisticated software to take advantage of the PlayStation2 hardware, and I expect frame rate will not be a problem for us." And the character design looks fabulous. All of the characters look just like their real-life counterparts, even when interacting with the game environments.

Creating one game on several platforms usually leads to little or no variation between consoles. Still, it's obvious that the PS2 TWINE will contain huge differences from the PS and N64 versions. "All the platforms share the basic point of view, plot, and characters but will of course be differentiated according to the strengths of each platform. Consequently, each title will be unique in its own regard. The PlayStation2 is extensively customizing the id Software Quake III technology package, for instance. Our animation, geometry, and other aspects of the technology are handcrafted for the PlayStation2 hardware."

Fans of both first-person shooters and James Bond should be pleased with the direction TWINE is traveling in. While it's too early to make any concrete judgments, EA is definitely looking to address the issues found in its last Bond title while broadening its horizons to make the definitive Bond experience.

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