The World is Not Enough - First Impression

In the vein of Goldeneye 007 comes the first PC James Bond action game, Electronic Arts' The World is Not Enough.


007: The World is not Enough

Based off of Paramount's successful movie, Electronic Arts' The World is Not Enough is the first game to bring everyone's favorite double agent to the PC. While Bond has graced several consoles in the past, he's remained decidedly absent from the PC market. With The World is Not Enough, however, EA is bringing all the action that makes (and continues to make) Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo64 such a success to the computer.

Players will assume the role of Bond and take him hopping across a number of exotic locales that range from the slopes of the French Alps to the streets of Istanbul. Available to Bond will be the standard assortment of weapons and gadgets engineered at the Q-labs. Of course, no Bond game would be complete without an appearance of at least two Bond girls, and The World is Not Enough fits that bill perfectly.

The game is being developed using the Quake III engine, and has robust single- and multiplayer modes that'll find Bond running, skiing, and driving his away out of trouble. The World is Not Enough should be out on the PC by this Christmas.

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