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The Wolf Among Us 2 Launches In 2023, And Here's Our First Look

Bigby is back, and he's getting some anger management counseling.


The Wolf Among Us 2--a sequel we never expected to get--was re-unveiled at The Game Awards back in December, and the revived Telltale Games has now shared more details on the game alongside an in-engine trailer and behind-the-scenes video. Sheriff Bigby, a literal "big bad wolf," has a bit of an anger problem, and he'll have to learn to deal with it as he works alongside deputy mayor Snow White to keep the town safe.

Set six months after the first game but still taking place before the Fables comic series, The Wolf Among Us 2 will retain an episodic structure. Unlike the first game, however, the entire season is being developed as one project, allowing Telltale to release the episodes close together. Though a final release cadence hasn't been set, expect it to be roughly every three weeks for about two months. It's being made using Unreal-based tools this time around, moving away from the proprietary Telltale software from the original game--widely considered antiquated and difficult to use prior to its closure.

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New characters this time around include the Tin Man and the Scarecrow from the Oz universe, but the focus will still be heavily on Bigby and his connection to both the fantasy characters as well as New York City as a whole. His wrath could be on full display in the first game, depending on the choices you made, and with Bigby suspended from the police force to start off the sequel, it's very possible that could play a factor again. You can see a brief glimpse of the game in action via the trailer above. It's capped off by a fantastic Vangelis-style synth number that sets the stage for the detective noir thriller we've been waiting for.

The Wolf Among Us 2 is planned for a 2023 release, though no official window has been announced. As shown at the end of the official trailer, it's coming to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4, plus PC via the Epic Games Store.

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