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The Witness' Developer Says Speedrun Still Took Him Over Six Hours

According to developer Jonathan Blow, his next game, The Witness, is about 10 times longer than Braid.

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Even knowing all of the ins and outs of the game's puzzles, it still took developer Jonathan Blow over six hours to make it through a speedrun of his next work-in-progress game, The Witness

Though he said he forgot a part of the game after the fact, Blow played through The Witness as fast as he could yesterday, and managed to finish it in a little over six hours and 20 minutes. But that doesn't mean Blow's fastest time offers any indication of how long the average player will be able to make it through on their first playthrough; Blow also shared on Twitter that The Witness is somewhere in the range of "10x as big as Briad." However, that comes with the disclaimer, "The time may change as the game continues to be worked on!"

Last month, Blow revealed that The Witness' 677 puzzles are locked in. "This means that all puzzles that will be in the game when it ships are in the game now," Blow said in a developer diary entry.

Blow also recently told Engadget that he's put all the proceeds from Braid into funding the development of The Witness, and that he's had to borrow money to finish the project.

[Editor's Note: Due to some confusion with this article's previous headline, which was "It Will Take You at Least Six Hours to Finish The Witness," the headline and some introductory text have been updated to offer greater clarity. We apologize for any confusion the previous story's wording may have caused.]

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