The Witcher Twitter Account Teases News Soon [Update]

What does CD Projekt Red have up its sleeve?

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Now Playing: GS News Update: The Witcher's Geralt Teased As Cameo In Another Game Releasing In 2018

While you shouldn't get your hopes up for news on a new Witcher game or anything of the sort, some sort of news related to the series will apparently be shared on Thursday, March 15. A new tweet has teased an announcement will be made then, though it's anyone's guess as to what it will involve. [Update: Those who guessed that Geralt would be playable in SoulCalibur VI were right.]

"Kaer Morhen's old stones have witnessed many battles... Once more they'll feel the sting of sparks as blades collide... Check back tomorrow," the tweet reads. There's no accompanying image or further details offered, including what time we can expect the announcement to come.

The Witcher's spin-off card game, Gwent, is still without a release date, but what seems more likely is that this is related to the tease that Witcher protagonist Geralt will appear in a game releasing this year. Just recently, CD Projekt Red community lead Marcin Momot said, "What if Geralt was going to step out of [The Witcher] for the very first time to make an appearance in one of the upcoming games later this year?"

That news sparked speculation that Geralt could be a playable character in the upcoming SoulCalibur VI, a series that's been known to include crossover characters from other franchises, like Zelda and Star Wars. The tweet's reference to Kaer Morhen could be a hint that the Witcher location will serve as a stage in the fighting game. We also just got a look at new Monster Hunter World/Mega Man crossover content, and that seems like another possibility.

Given the latest tease came from the Witcher's Twitter account, it seems probable that the news will be related to that franchise, and not CD Projekt Red's upcoming Cyberpunk 2077. That game is still without a release date--or many details in general--although the developer will be at E3, leading some to hope the long-in-development title will finally be revealed.

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