The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf Impressions

Polish developer CD Projekt is bringing The Witcher to consoles, and we got a first look at the game in action.


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When it launched at the end of last year, The Witcher was a must-buy for role-playing fans around the world. Since then, Polish developer CD Projekt has remained incredibly quiet--until this week, when rumours began to spread about the possibility of console versions of its PC hit. Thankfully this speculation proved to be true, as Atari announced the existence of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game at its London-based Atari Live showcase. We managed to corner CD Projekt at the event to take a look at its work, as well as find out what we can expect from the finished game.

The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf will tell the original Witcher story using new technology, and it will hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 in Q3 2009. The idea behind the port is to take the story of the original game and update most of the technology behind it, such as the control, animation, and combat systems. The challenge is to retain the strengths of the PC version while adapting the game to the consoles and their controllers--no easy feat, according to the development team. They promise that nothing will be lost in swapping the mouse and keyboard for a joypad, and they've come up with a context-sensitive system that allows different moves according to your character's situation.

Rise of the White Wolf will star the same platinum-haired lead character of Geralt, otherwise known as the eponymous Witcher. Witchers are a special breed of humans who have gone through mutations, and they boast increased speed, stamina, and regenerative capabilities. Geralt is different from other Witchers because he still has human emotions, and it's this facet of the character that leads to many of the moral decisions in the game. Good and evil isn't particularly clear-cut in this world, and the console versions of the game will offer three different endings depending on your actions.

The console versions are still a ways off from release, so the team was reluctant to show too much gameplay at this stage, but we managed to grab a look at one of their target renders. Basically a video clip running on a PC, the render is designed to show off the quality that the team hopes to achieve on consoles for the final release. It showed Geralt fending off a group of human soldiers with his sword, and the clip served to demo the dramatic camera angles and excessive violence we can expect. Geralt starts off by using magic to stun the group, and then unleashes fire magic to take out two of the guards. From there, it was all swordplay as he sliced limbs and heads off with relative ease. His finishing move was a four-hit combo unleashed by tapping the B button, and Geralt sliced and pushed the enemy around before slashing his throat in a shower of blood.

The team is confident about some of the console-specific features in Rise of the White Wolf, and brutally honest about what they're still working out. There will be Sixaxis support for some of the minigames on the PlayStation 3, while there'll obviously be achievements for Xbox 360 owners. There may also be specific content for each platform, although they haven't decided what yet, and they're not even certain if the DLC for the PC version will make it to consoles. Unfortunately, there won't be co-op play in either version, the team claiming that "we're yet to work out a way of making two Geralts."

The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf will be hitting the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Q3 next year, and we're bound to see more of it before then. Keep an eye on the site for more information as we get it.

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Is this canceled???

Avatar image for golgo28

so i guess this version of witcher will be like duke nukem limbo for 13 yrs and then nobody caring if it does release.

Avatar image for bowlingotter

So when did this get cancelled?

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I cannot wait till this comes out. It was a GREAT game on PC and I look forward to it on console. I just hope they give up a bit more information on the ending ;-)

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wait i just read the article again, specific content for each platform? c'mon, i don't wanna buy the game 3 times just to get everything out of it. i don't care so much about the controls in the minigames, as long as the minigames are present. and i don't care so much about achievements but i do want all available DLC and all available endings, which version should i get?

Avatar image for Thing2

so, let me get this whole thing straight, The Witcher was first released on PC at the end of 2007 and it was buggy as hell so they made The Witcher Enhanced Edition in 2008 which was the same as the original plus a bunch of shiny improvements but minus most of the bugs that were present in the original. is that right so far? and The Witcher: The Rise of the White Wolf will also be the original game and story and characters only re-made from the ground up with better graphics still and myriad other improvements for gameplay, animations etc is that right? i'd like to get this game but if White Wolf is going to be basically the ultimate version of the same original game, i'll just wait for that instead of buying the enhanced edition now

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Let's just hope this port doesn't come with the glitches and deficiencies the first PC retail version has. The developers should release something as solid as the Enhanced Edition.

Avatar image for Lopur94

I wanted to get the original PC version but my comp didnt have enough space... Then I found out abou this console port and I was so happy! Until i releazied that it comes out in third quarter... Thats a long time!

Avatar image for FlashCharge

It is one game to keep an eye on but the third quarter is a longer time to wait.

Avatar image for Lythiris

I am excited.

Avatar image for pixellence

Looks amazing. Can't wait!

Avatar image for Paul_Els

I saw some of the PC version if the console versions will be anything like what the PC one is then this will be a winner.

Avatar image for deathcell731

its going to be amazing!! but i wish it was open realm;(

Avatar image for FabioPizzini

Oh god, another multiplatform game for the Ps3??? And after the PC version also!!! No tnx!

Avatar image for Ballroompirate

OMG hell yes!!!

Avatar image for stupid4

this looks awesome ive never heard of it before

Avatar image for pinz90

cant wait, this looks and sounds cool

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The Witcher is the best RPG besides Titan Quest that I bought for PC.They need to put Titan Quest on the system,because it could be our console diablo.These people really needs to start thinking business,put your games on the console that makes the most money.Make sure they clean up the controls and add more flare to the designs.Dealing wit XB360&PS3,I wanna see the best graphics.

Avatar image for anmvamp

hell yes. thank god. I bought the witcher for my computer, but im really not one for computer gaming (besides mmorpgs) so i just couldnt get very far into it (just got to Vizima). This makes me damn glad though. I can't wait for this to be released. I suggest everyone go purchase The Last Wish before playing this game. It's such a rich story I couldn't put it down. Look for more Geralt stories out in the coming months/years/yadayada.

Avatar image for ungodlyabyss

I just bought this game last week for my new PC. Actually, one of the reasons why I built my PC was to play this game, haha, now its coming out for the PS3 (witch i have). Good game though, so far its kinda cheesy and the combat needs a little work, but Geralt is so #*$&)@! awesome!

Avatar image for GJMorin77

I can not wait to play this game on my PS3. Can't afford graphic card for my computer, hopefully it will be worth the wait!!!!!

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Avatar image for PumpkinBoogie

Hellagood news! I've been wanting this for the PC for while. Sadly, I knew I didn't all that high power graphic card stuff in my system so I just figured I'd get it whenever I could scrap up buying a gaming PC. :( But now knowing it'll be out for consoles too makes it that much sweeter. Great effing time to be gamer ;)

Avatar image for Folleyrules

Unfortunately, there won't be co-op play in either version, the team claiming that "we're yet to work out a way of making two Geralts." Not cool.

Avatar image for vidiot923

The only gaming news that comes close to this bit of awesomeness is that Dragon Age Origins is also console bound, God or Bill Gates have truly been paying attention to my prayers.

Avatar image for raith616

SWEET! wanted this since i first saw the pc version, got first game on the list for next crimbo!

Avatar image for LessThanMike

AWESOME NEWS!!! i've been waiting for this...i've been following this game on the PC for a long time but i've never had a system strong enough to run it...cannot wait to play it!

Avatar image for TurambarGS

Ah, great news - I was going to pick it up for PC a year ago (almost exactly a year ago actually) but decided on CoD4 instead - a decision I definitely do not regret (great game). But now that it's going to make its way on to 360, there's no need to tempt whether or not it'll run on my PC! Gotta love good RPGs.

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The storyline of this game is so great!!! I can't wait to play it - I've read all Sapkowsky's novels and they are really on the top of my fantasy list.

Avatar image for Corrosion

I'm W:EE right now. Lost interest for several weeks (got lost with GoW) and got back again just today. I hope the console version is on par or even surpasses the quality of the PC version.

Avatar image for Zhaosuke

A superb game, i thoroughly enjoyed the pc version, n i'l happily play the console version

Avatar image for eagles_band

Can't wait, but it sucks we gotta wait almost a year

Avatar image for Alex_09

I found mass effect incredibly boring, the guns were pretty bland, and rarely changed by more than the colors, and the gameplay was very shallow in my opinion.

Avatar image for NonyoBizness

ps, while this game is awesome..... and im gonna get it for the console cuz i did not enjoy the pc controls much and it gave me a more negative outlook although i liked the game............ this game is NOT better than mass effect imo.. and mass effect is highly underrated on this site, mass effect is absolutely amazing.. i love the witcher but i see it as like a sibling of mass effect, not above it.... without a doubt!

Avatar image for NonyoBizness

good... cuz i have it for the pc and i cant stand the controls.............. (and its not auto-compatible with a 360 controller on windows... although there is some software to use a controller, it aint the same)..............this is gonna be a must-buy

Avatar image for OneEyedUncleS

This game's gonna be AWSOME! Too bad it's coming on the 360 too, even our exclusives are going to the 360. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!

Avatar image for diputa2002


Avatar image for FlashCharge

If it works from PC to console this should be one whale of a game.

Avatar image for zaphod_b

A great action-RPG for anyone who was unable to play this on PC. I highly recommend it (assuming the port doesn't suck).

Avatar image for Star-Killer

I can't wait I couldn't play it on PC but I'm excited for a port version of The Witcher

Avatar image for Samslayer

Looking forward to it!

Avatar image for GodsPoison

Heres a simple way to include co-op: dont make the players be Geralt. Have them be another Witcher. either way, im sceptical. It could be good, or it could be a horible port.

Avatar image for FallenAngelXBL

enofr, damn thats a bold comment, but your your right :D Console owners, your in for a treat if they ship the game in its Enhanced form...however if they release it like they did the now...and dont look back lawl :D

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Yep, we'll have trophies in the PS3 version.

Avatar image for king_bobo

Nice. What about trophy support for the PS3 version though?

Avatar image for enofr

Console fans have a reason to get excited! One of the best RPG's this generation. If you ask me, way more captivating and original than Mass Effect

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Bought this a while ago but my stone age PC couldn't handle it, mores-the-pity, it looked great. Keeping an eye on the X360 version

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X360 only = lose, PS3 only = lose, PC only = lose, PC, X360 and PS3 = win win win!!!

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Announcment of this coming to 360 is what I was waiting for since its PC release ;)

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WoW.the witcher really rocks. coming on PS3 was one of my wishes.thanks Atari!

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