The Witcher Netflix Series Releasing This Fall

The Witching hour draws nearer.

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Netflix's The Witcher series has been slated for 2019, but now the company has considerably narrowed its release window down to a few months. The company announced in a letter to investors that the show will premiere in the last three months of the year.

The show, adapted from the popular novels turned video game series, stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. It's currently in production in Hungary. The setting lends itself to snowy landscapes, even to the point that Cavill had to trek through some powder to hit the gym while preparing for the role. The most recent game in the series, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was often marketed with a distinctly snowy look as well, and so the now apparent winter launch for the series makes sense.

The show is also set to star Freya Allan (Into the Badlands) as Ciri and Anya Chalotra (Wanderlust) as Yennifer, two notable names from the series. The showrunner is Lauren S. Hissrich, known from the Netflix series Daredevil and the recently released Umbrella Academy.

Cavill's first screen test footage showed him donning Geralt's iconic silver mane. Hissrich has said the actor most known for his role as Superman in recent DC universe films was perfect for the role, because he understands Geralt on a deep level. He had spoken openly about his desire to play Geralt, apparently based on his love for The Witcher 3.

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Avatar image for arclight007

after what i saw & hear about it not interested at all

Avatar image for srfilk86

I'll be okay if it's bad. But it will be awesome if it's not!

Avatar image for masterfrankgrimes

I really wish there was something I could do to prevent this.

Avatar image for SpanishFly69

It’s going to be bad.

Avatar image for xxmavr1kxx

I really hope they do the books justice. I am excited for this.

Avatar image for izraal

@xxmavr1kxx: Honestly, I hope they do the video games justice, more than the books. The video games focused on over-arching plots which adapt better to modern conventions of serialized television. The games also form the idea of the Witcher for the majority of viewers who will watch the show. Unless the books change later on, from what I read they seem to follow a more episodic format, with the titular character traveling from one locale to another, dealing with local monster infestations and becoming embroiled in local politics in the process. It was essentially a similar format to older Sword and Sorcery genre fiction, like the Conan stories, where a hero wanders from adventure to adventure without any overarching ties between the stories.

That could work for one off episodes, but I think the majority of viewers, myself included, would be disappointing if the series didn't have ongoing epic plot threads, like the games, over the course of the season. I hope the show does the video games justice.