The Witcher Movie Coming in 2017 From The Mummy Producers

Full-length adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski's novels is expected to be the first in a series.

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A full-length movie based on Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher series is in the works and is slated to arrive in 2017. American film production company The Sean Daniel Company, producers of The Mummy series, has announced it will work with Polish company Platige Films on the project.

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You might not know Platige by name, but you're probably familiar with its work. The company produced the stunning Witcher 3 trailer called "The Trail" and also created cinematics for Halo 5: Guardians, among a long list of other projects.

In a press release, producers said the movie will star Geralt of Rivia, but won't be a straight adaptation of any of the novels or games. Instead, it will follow the "themes" of the short stories The Witcher and Lesser Evil from Sapkowski's The Last Wish collection. The film is expected to be the first in a series.

Directing the film is Tomasz Baginski, who earned an Oscar nomination for the 2002 animated film, The Cathedral. Hollywood veteran Thania St. John (Grimm, Chicago Fire, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is writing the script for the untitled Witcher film.

No actors were named in the announcement.

The Witcher video games, also based on Sapkowski's work, are developed by Polish studio CD Projekt Red, which doesn't appear to have any involvement in the new movie. The latest game, Wild Hunt, has sold more than 6 million copies--but a follow-up isn't coming anytime soon.

This isn't the first stab at a Witcher movie, as a Polish film called The Witcher was released in 2001.

Who would you like to see play Geralt in the new movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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Avatar image for deactivated-5bd1e31726b43

I don't know if this is still happening... I've heard rumors of a netflix show

Avatar image for jayfourkey

Richard Armitage I always thought was a perfect choice for Geralt

Avatar image for southerngamergirl

Way late to the party on this discussion, but I honestly think that Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones or Tom Hardy are the best bets for the movie. Both can bulk up and both are sulking, deep voiced actors.

Avatar image for Aleksanian

For some reason, I would prefer a cgi movie similar to that "A night to remember trailer".

Avatar image for Gabe1976

I swear... they're going to ruin these movies if they make a Brandon Frasier-like silly comedy out of this!!!

Avatar image for gotthammer

Cast? I'd say go for an all Polish cast (and/or folks from that region) and, well, use Polish. Then just add subtitles for the International release.
That'd be better, I think, than trying to force, say, American or British or Australian actors into roles which may not suit them and are brought on because of 'star power' or whatever.

I enjoyed The Last Wish anthology, so I'll be looking forward to this one, regardless of how it's made. I mean, it can't be worse than the earlier attempt at a live-action Witcher, right? :D

Avatar image for abkhaz26

Mads Mikkelsen would be a good choice, but there are certainly other worthy candidates! How about Josh Holloway? Although he might be too handsome to be cast as Geralt...

Avatar image for interceptor316

please don't ruin this franchise for me i beg you pls.......

Avatar image for 3D3

So what happened to all of the other game movies like God of War, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed and Shadow of the Colossus? Oh yeah they didn't come out.

Avatar image for fredvdp3

@3D3: This is based on the book series, not the video games.

The Assassin's Creed movie comes out in December.

Avatar image for urbanman2004

I doubt this movie's gonna do the game justice. Usually a few movies live up to the expectation of the games unfortunately. They're supposed to be making another MK movie, the director of the latest Fast and Furious is supposed to jump onboard. Not looking forward to that

Avatar image for Dahmenator

Anson Mount please

Avatar image for naviney

We're not even sure the world will be there next year...

Avatar image for ggsimmonds

My first reaction is that the movie will suck. 2017 is not far away, seems like it will be rushed. Plus the parties involved seem sub-par.

The trend of poor video game movies will probably continue.

Avatar image for XIntoTheBlue

@ggsimmonds: This is not a video game movie, though. The movie is based on short stories written by the creator of The Witcher, as the article mentions. The game is based off the books too, so saying this is a video game movie doesn't fit the bill.

Avatar image for ggsimmonds

@XIntoTheBlue: Not sure you are right. Yes, I know about the short stories, but would this movie get made without the success of The Witcher 3? If the video game adaption is what led the studio to think this could be a profitable movie, then it is fair to characterize it as a video game movie.

Avatar image for orbit991

@ggsimmonds: The point is not if the movie would be made without the game, the point is that the movie is being made based on the short stories, hence it has very rich and creative material to work with. The Witcher books and Universe are far more important then the game in large parts of Europe and it seems those working on it are very familiar with it's source material as well. So it is a book movie and thank God for that.

Avatar image for eld12123123

@ggsimmonds: If Bagiński is responsible for this movie, it will be great. This guy is a genius, check him out.

Avatar image for ggsimmonds

@eld12123123: Has he done anything other than short films? I'm skeptical.

Avatar image for orbit991

@ggsimmonds All he has to do is deal with 200 story boards instead of 30. The guy has talent no reason why he cant direct the last third of the film the same as the first third.

Avatar image for raevoness822

If they make this film live action my first pick for Geralt would be Peter Stormare. Hes a very talented and versatile actor who is eastern European as well as the Right age to play Geralt. Do a Google Search to check him out.

Avatar image for jimkirk

they have to a big yennefer scene or a night with triss scene

Avatar image for ughz

I'm not really a Witcher fan, yea I have all the games and mildly enjoy them, but I'm curious how this will fit even a quarter of the story into the movie without making it at least LOTR extended edition sized. Or how it will do the Witcher any justice whatsoever.

Avatar image for eagleglobesna

I think we will be ok you guys. As long as they can hit us with the same intensity as the "A NIGHT TO REMEMBER " Witcher trailer, I think we will swim in a sea of epic awesomeness. Anybody agree? Disagree?

Avatar image for derrickd111

I hope they will not bow to the almighty dollar and keep this R rated.

Avatar image for maskthestars

Easy call on this one Anson mount or Charlie Hunnam

Avatar image for Dahmenator

@maskthestars: im all for Anson Mount! Charlie Hunnam too young i think and doesnt have the look or sound for geralt. But dude Anson all the way

Avatar image for Cristi_X

Mads Mikkelsen

Avatar image for Dahmenator

@Cristi_X: not the worst idea but idk why people keep saying his name for this lol doesnt fit. Look up Anson Mount. Right now hes on AMCs Hell on Wheels. Has the look already. give him cat eyes and tie hair back and make it white and there you go lol

Avatar image for mak0811

Only one man can do justice to Geralt. Mads Mikkelsen.

Avatar image for bicelis

@mak0811: I didn't even think of that, but that's an AMAZING choice!

Avatar image for PETERAKO

Oh hell naw

Avatar image for custardpirates

This movie will be absolute shit and will tarnish the reputation of one of the modern game industries finest franchises. While the Mummy movies were harmlessly enjoyable but not perfect set of action adventure comedy movie ( the thrid one is probably one of the worst film I have seen). The tone of these producer and the films they make this film will not suit the anything to do with this franchise at all.

Avatar image for gamingnerd121

Inb4 the movie is going to be PG16, which isn't fitting for the Witcher universe.

Avatar image for darth_biteme

Me and bro are debating this coming movie: future $2 bin video or $1 bin video. My money is on $1.

What do you think?

Avatar image for Zombie8814

@darth_biteme: Not worth a dollar. Hell, I won't even be downloading it for free.

Avatar image for Excalibus

@Zombie8814: Wow you guys are so edgy

Avatar image for eagleglobesna

@Excalibus: they are. Jeez. A night to remember was an awesome trailer right?

Avatar image for Jimbowesker

Johnny Depp would be my normal vote to play Geralt, but doesn't seem an appropriate match. Maybe Leo Dicaprio or Vin Diesel?

Avatar image for bicelis

@Jimbowesker: Vin Diesel - bad actor

DiCaprio - amazing actor yet doesn't for Geralt

Johny Depp - not his thing. His mannerisms and voice don't fit here.

Mads Mikkelsen!

Avatar image for derrickd111

@Jimbowesker: think more of some actor they won't have to pay as much for.

Avatar image for nothingformoney

Mr Bean as Geralt

Avatar image for Chizaqui

I love you Geralt.......... but no. I'll pass on this, thx.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

This was crying out for Peter Jackson why isn't it him?

Avatar image for deviltaz35

I think Aussie weather has been playing Witcher 3. Take a look at the cool cloud patterns happening at the moment.

Avatar image for _Silent_Jay_

In case anybody was wondering, here's what the first Witcher movie looked like: (NSFW)

I've got it on DVD, and well, anything's a step up from it.

Avatar image for LilithN

@_Silent_Jay_: what, that guy is sexy as hell, I have watched the Polish series and I greatly enjoyed them. Not bad at all, considering its not an big budget series / movie.

Avatar image for berserker66666