The Witcher Hits 10th Anniversary, Awesome Celebratory Video Released

CD Projekt Red's RPG series celebrates a milestone.


2007 was a wonderful year for gaming. It brought games like Halo 3, BioShock, Assassin's Creed, Portal, Rock Band, Crysis, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and Super Mario Galaxy. Another game released that year that would go on to spawn a franchise was The Witcher. It's now 10 years old (!!!), and to celebrate the milestone, developer CD Projekt Red put out a nice video that shows main character Geralt looking back on his memories as part of a birthday party where people are playing Gwent, of course.

How many franchise characters can you spot? Check out the video below.

The Witcher was followed up by The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings in 2011 and then The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in May 2015--it was GameSpot's Game of the Year. CD Projekt Red released two expansions for it--Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine--and updates for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro are coming.

But after that, it sounds like the franchise is taking a rest.

The Witcher 3 was the last game to star Geralt, but there could be more games in the series without him. The Witcher 3 was a critical and commercial success, so The Witcher 4 coming to market eventually seems likely,though it surely won't happen soon. In December 2015, CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kicinski said it would be unfair to fans of the series not to make a fourth game.

CD Projekt Red is currently working on the ambitious-sounding Cyberpunk 2077, in addition to ongoing support for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

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thank you CD Projekt and please, please, release Cyberpunk already i'm not getting any younger :(

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LOL Dandelion in the end :DD and Roach appearing in the tavern is hilarious

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Awesome video!!!

This guys really care about us fans, all the time, they have delivered top quality games since 10 years ago when it all started and they keep it up, it is amazing how they maintain the gamers as their center and they just show it whit this amazing video!!!


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@7tizz: You don't try anymore. What happen 7itzz?

Moderator Online
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@7tizz: jaw droppingly stupid comment

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@7tizz: your jaw drops when you are bored ?

what a weird man.

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@7tizz: I'm sad for you.

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@Mogan: Very sad

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@JIMDOG4442002: Sad for his mother too.

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Strong man what? I heard women poo...


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I remember buying the original red copy of The Witcher for PC back in 2007. Good grief, that makes me feel old. D:

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I only got into The Witcher series with 3, but CD Projekt Red made me an instant, permanent fan not only in the incredibly high-quality game, but also how they treated their fans. For those that hate DRM, they had the game available on their own game platform, GoG. They provided scores of DLC FOR FREE when literally any other publisher would have made fans pay through the nose. The two expansion packs were easily largely enough to be separate games on their own (Blood & Wine, especially). And they constantly updated the game in order to work out as many bugs as possible. The Witcher 3's success wasn't just in its high quality. It was due to CD Projekt Red treating their fanbase with utmost respect.

I don't think Cyberpunk 2077 is even close to completion, but after Witcher 3, I'm seriously tempted to pre-order it the moment it's available.

Avatar image for noladem504

@RedWave247: Been gaming since the 80's. Witcher 3 is easily my #1 best game of all time across almost all catagories, a true masterpiece. Like you i didn't get into Witcher till 3 and once i did i was pissed at myself for not having picked up the older games.

Avatar image for smashthestars

@RedWave247: I wish they had more releases since i have no problem giving them money. That game is going to be in my top 3 games for quite a while. Same here with cp2077, I'll preorder it the second I can.

Avatar image for ProjektInsanity

@RedWave247: Agreed. I *so* hope this studio never goes the way that so many others have, abusing the well-earned good will they've built up with their fanbase. So far, CDPR is irreproachable. They make incredibly high-quality games, and like you said, they treat players with respect.

They're at the top of a short list of my favorite developers. I wish them nothing but continued success.

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@ProjektInsanity: They're like the anti-WB Studios.

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I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING.

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@WaximusMTPD: *Geralt elbows you in the nose* "Nope, definitely you."

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Easily one of my favorite franchises out there. The world could always use more devs like CDPG.

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no problem Geralt, I hope our paths cross one more time. Has there been a more developed character? one of the best, my personal fav.

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@adamus: And with such a wonderful conclusion too! Gosh, I've experienced too many stories that always fall completely flat with its ending. Geralt's saga at least left me with a big grin on my face for the whole week after.

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Very cool

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Finished Blood & Wine a few months ago. Nothing compares to the The Witcher! Happy Birthday!

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My favorite game in current gen, beat TW3 5 time include 2 DLC and still hungry for more.

Thanks you CDPR for making this masterpiece.

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@sssb: You should read the Witcher books, if you haven't yet. They're awesome.

Avatar image for sssb

@Vojtass: I did :) just before releasing TW3 its make me feel characters and whole game when I played it.

Avatar image for Vojtass

@sssb: Uh, Tower of Swallows and Lady of the Lake were released AFTER TW3. Have you read them too?

Avatar image for sssb

@Vojtass: No I mean the last wish, blood of elves, time of contempt and baptism of fire.

I'll get sword of destiny, tower of swallows and lady of the lake in near future :)

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@sssb: Get them immediately! :P

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Classy move!

Avatar image for northArrow

Happy Anniversary CDPR! I wish more gaming companies followed your lead

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Would have probably lost interest in gaming a while ago if it weren't for kick ass Devs like CD Projekt Red. Too bad there aren't more game companies like these guys.

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I love you cd projekt red lol you replaced capcom as my fav game company!

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Thank you Geralt and CDPR.

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Really enjoy the Witcher series games on PC but Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still my favorite of them all! Thank you CDPR and I look forward to Cyberpunk 2077 I'll be there to pre-order it on PC!!!

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2007 was my favorite year in gaming, haven't had a better year since.

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I miss Yovarth and even Roach.

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Replaying Witcher (1) at the moment and I don't think it has aged too badly at all. Great series of games.

Avatar image for RadPro

@drspoon: Currently replaying the whole trilogy. I've competed 1&2 and I'm well on my way into the 3rd, great times.

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One of the best games I've ever played. CD Projekt Red is a phenomenal game company.

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Love this series, especially The Witcher 2. I'm not praising 3 to high heaven like some others, it's definitely not one of the best RPG's (nowhere close, since it barely is one), but it is surely the best casual sightseeing game created based on books with fantastic lore, stories and characters. The locales, atmosphere and some side-stories were exceptionally well made.

Avatar image for ProjektInsanity

@Berserk8989: Dunno man, it really depends on your definition of a ROLE-playing game. I think it's the absolute best I've played if you're taking the term literally. The character development, plot, dialogue, acting, and the beautifully hand-crafted and detailed world are probably the most immersive I've seen. It truly allows you to inhabit the role of the main character and feel for the people whose lives you touch. To me, THAT is the most important aspect of role-playing.

Sure, if you want to talk RPG from a mechanical sense, it's all up for debate. I'd still argue TW3 has very solid mechanics. It's not my favorite combat system, but I can forgive that in light of the game's many virtues. I'm curious what you'd consider among the best RPGs? Traditional, turn-based stuff? Heavily stat-based strategy games? Would you mind sharing?

Avatar image for Berserk8989

@ProjektInsanity: "The character development, plot, dialogue, acting, and the beautifully hand-crafted and detailed world are probably the most immersive I've seen."

That's true indeed, The Witcher 3 set new standards in most of those aspects, for this 'big, open world with RPG elements' genre at least (Bethesda's games just don't come close to it). But those are aspects that normally linear games bring out more. Acting, story-immersion and especially pacing - are all done better by quite a few more linear games in my opinion (e.g. The Last of Us). World creation and immersion is what TW3 truly excels in. The main quest (especially in the base game, HoS and B&W were a bit better) was really uninteresting to me and the acting was quite mediocre to say the least, cutscenes and animation were also nowhere near on par with some other modern games (linear ones at least). Oh, characters were pretty decent! But what I really loved, was just walking/riding through the really well made and atmospheric landscape/cities, playing that superb mini-game (even though it's hardly 'mini') gwent in a brothel, and, of course, stumbling upon interesting stories on my way... The Baron's comes first to my mind for example, or when I surprisingly stumbled upon Leto from the 2nd game, hah. Those were the moments no game can recreate. It's no RPG to me, but it doesn't need to be. Who cares in the end what genre it belongs to, as long as it's good and offers something exceptional. With my upper comment I just wanted to say that I can't rate it as a good RPG, because it hardly is one for me, I can rate it as a open world experience with basic RPG elements though.

"I'm curious what you'd consider among the best RPGs? Traditional, turn-based stuff? Heavily stat-based strategy games? Would you mind sharing?"

RPG's are for me all about choice. The type of combat system (be it turn-based, real-time, whatever) doesn't matter to me, as long as there's a large amount of options in it, so I can really do what I want to do. A fairly recent example of a near-perfect Role-playing game would be Divinity: Original Sin for me. The amount of 'choice' you have in this game, is simply something else. From the character creation/development, to the combat, to quest solutions and all the other fine details in the game's mechanics. I can't think of a game that really lives up to the 'play who you want, however you want' slogan like this one. Sure, it can't match TW3 in its audio-visual presentation, which makes the world immersion suffer a bit, but damn if it doesn't put it to shame in terms of quantity and 'richness' of gameplay elements, or the overall sense of choice, be it in combat or out of.

Avatar image for ProjektInsanity

@Berserk8989: I heard Divinity was amazing. Sadly, I only have so much time these days. Maybe I'll be able to check out part 2. I get what you're saying about choice. That is a pretty central component to RPGs, I agree. Also glad that you mentioned Naughty Dog's TLoU. What a damn masterpiece that was. One of my favorites. Naughty Dog is actually my favorite developer. CDPR is second.

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Witcher is one of my favourite goods of all times and easley in my top 5 games.

Avatar image for d3ad2fall88

Makes me want to replay it all.

Avatar image for Pelezinho777

Where's Taler!? He's my favorite! !

Avatar image for Mogan

@Pelezinho777: Thalar's wherever he plowin' wants to be, I imagine.

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That awkward moment when you've banged the majority of the women in the room.

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