The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Remains Free On GOG

The other monster hunter.

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There's a good chance you've played--or at least been intrigued by--The Witcher 3. There's also a good chance you missed out on Geralt of Rivia's first outing. Now's the perfect time to right that wrong by grabbing a free copy of the game that started it all. Right now, GOG is giving free copies of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition to anyone who plays games on PC.

Since there's no such thing as a free lunch, you will have to jump through a hoop or two before you can hit that download button. For starters, you have to install Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. It's free to play, so that's not a huge deal. And if you've dabbled in the card-playing mini-game in The Witcher 3, you'll know it's an enjoyable pastime on its own. You can download it here.

Once you've installed Gwent, click here to access your free copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. Note that to get your free game, you must also subscribe you to the newsletter (you can unsubscribe any time). You also get a free Gwent Card Keg, which will come in handy if you plan to continue playing Gwent.

Now you can install your copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition and play the game that kickstarted Geralt's monster hunting career when it launched in 2007. In GameSpot's Witcher review, Brett Todd wrote, "Memorable story, immersive combat, fascinating characters--what's not to like? A few fit-and-finish issues mean that The Witcher isn't quite an all-time classic RPG. Regardless, it's awfully, awfully close, warts and all, and it provides a new benchmark for future developers that are looking to lift their games out of the done-to-death elf-and-orc ghetto."

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Avatar image for NTM23

Not sure it's really worth it now, especially if you've already played three, but I still personally find it to be a really great game and my second favorite in the trilogy. The biggest issue for me was just trying to get into it in the first place. For a lack of better reasoning, it kind of has a slow first several hours. When I decided that I felt it was necessary I finish it before the third came out (I had already finished two prior when it came onto the 360) I stuck to it and ended up really, really liking it a lot.

The game is pretty much The Witcher 3 but you're less in control of your actions in combat so to speak since its a tap on enemy and watch him attack kind of thing, the world is smaller (although it is still a good size, and dissimilar to The Witcher 2, not linear), the music is great which makes me want to go on YouTube to listen to it now, and good character moments. If you can look past its few flaws, and haven't already played The Witcher 3, it's definitely worth checking out.

You'd get a good 50 or so hours out of it, which is almost twice as much as The Witcher 2, but far, far less than The Witcher 3 mind you.

Avatar image for ronaldmcreagan

@NTM23: 50 hours? Yikes, that sounds grueling. I tend to lose all interest after the 12 hour mark. And you can't use a gamepad with Witcher 1. 50 hours of mouse and keyboard is definitely not for me.

Avatar image for NTM23

@ronaldmcreagan: It's not for you then, but when I say 50 hours, I'm taking into consideration the player doing all side quests and what have you. If you don't do side quests (though I'm not sure how you'd fair later in the game, and you'd lose a bunch of interesting stuff I think), you can probably cut that time down to around 30. And understandable about m&kb.

Avatar image for urbanman2004

CDPR FTW... They had some similar promo last year for a free copy of the game as well

Avatar image for Yams1980

nice. i only had the original version. gameplay kinda sucks in it but lots of filthy witchering to be had still.

Avatar image for thomas01

They are always thinking of their customers.

Avatar image for so_hai

These European developers seem to value the design style that North American studios pioneered. I think they should try and make their stamp on the industry - then we'd have NA, Japan, and EU rather than NA, Japan and NA-style.

Avatar image for kgsg-19-2

No thank you. Wouldn't even play for free.

Avatar image for naz99

Love the first game , despite it's mountain load of flaws it still ends up being an utterly engrossing game, and still to this day one of my favorite RPG's

A slow awkward start eventually opens up into an entertaining varied game thanks to its great characters and just like the 3rd game its interesting quests, the combat as terrible as it is at first gets much better when you get used to what stances to use and get the timing down and if you spend to upgrade your magic it eventually stops being the hinderence you at first thought it was.

And it just does not get better value than free!

Avatar image for novaprime1985

if you get it, can you put it onto steam?

Avatar image for Vojtass

@novaprime1985: You can manually create shortcut in Steam library to your GOG copy.

Avatar image for streamline

Aw man. I bought it $5 ten years ago. I could’ve saved my money and gotten it now instead. :)

Avatar image for so_hai

@streamline: That's a dollar a year, 8c per month, 2 cents per week, 0.28 cents per day!

Avatar image for uninspiredcup

These auto-play videos are extremely annoying.

Avatar image for Yams1980

@uninspiredcup: ya i wish you could turn them off. they eat up my bandwidth which isn't cheap. Pausing them fast saves a bit of bandwidth but it still eats up about 10-20% of it buffering it.

Imagine if people browsed this site with phone data, they'd be going broke with this bullshit.

Avatar image for twztid13

@Yams1980: I'm browsing it on mobile. & besides the data wasting, the webmasters suck. The mobile version horrible on Android, especially 4.2, 5.1 & 7.0, but maybe they made it for iOS & called it a day like many lazy devs do when making stuff for rich people that don't want to pay them to make a layout for every OS.

Avatar image for lion2447

@uninspiredcup: If your using Firefox you can stop autoplay videos. Open a tab and type about:config in the address bar. Click "I accept the risk!" button. In the search bar (below the address bar) type media.autoplay.enabled. The value will appear under "preference name." Double-click the media.autoplay.enabled under preference name and the value to the right should turn to false. The whole line will also become bold text. Restart Firefox and all autoplay videos will now have to be clicked to start.

This affects all websites so some videos, like Youtube, will need to be double or triple clicked to start the video. Also it doesn't stop buffer downloads, so some data will still be used. But at least no surprising audio.

Avatar image for novaprime1985

@uninspiredcup: you know whats REALLY annoying? continuing to live day after day in this despicable existence that is "life" itself, stuck on this detestable mudball of a planet waiting on salvation from our lord and savior, Thanos, himself.

Avatar image for ronaldmcreagan

@novaprime1985: Go order some Fentanyl online, and just go to sleep and never wake up.

Avatar image for doctormabuse71

@uninspiredcup: Yup - its the reason I've changed to PcGamer as my first go-to gamingpage. Gamespot has been my favorite for maybe 10y. But this is just showing commercials down the throat of customers. Hopefully we are many so they'll realise that giving a choice re. watching the moronic vids is the way to go :- )

Avatar image for twztid13

@doctormabuse71: MS store on X1 finally snuck an autoplay switch in there a few months ago (push start, or the button that should be called start, while on a game's store page & it's the only option). That being the case, maybe GS will learn eventually. I never use adblockers, cuz I usually only visit sites I want to stick around, & that's how they pay bills, but as u said, this is blatant, so I have decided I will start just for GS. They've been my fav, too since 2000, I think? Right around then, when I had 56k & took forever to load video reviews (I'd get a download manager & queue them up to download overnight). Everyone has to die eventually, I guess (well, this would be closer to cop, really).

Avatar image for stealthyoctopus

It's a shame that White Wolf console version never came out. It probably would've helped get a lot more people into the series before Wild Hunt.

Avatar image for twztid13

@stealthyoctopus: Witcher 2 was in Xbox. I'm not sure it would have helped. I played this when I had a weak graphics card & I just couldn't get immersed. The stuff on Xbox 360 looked better, so I eventually got a great card, but Witcher 2 was out then & it was nice looking (tho looks bad now). It didn't help me get into it & I played it on PC, I guess is what I'm trying to say.

Avatar image for ronaldmcreagan

@twztid13: All old games on PC that are running at 60+ FPS look good. Performance is the key. It's only "broken games" that are running at 30FPS or less that look like shit. Which BTW, is 95% of all console games.

Thankfully, the new DOOM, which is the best videogame made in the last 10 years runs at 60FPS on the consoles.

Avatar image for darktruth007

I have to say I enjoyed this game immensely when I got my hands on it. It was the enhanced, not the original addition.

It had great story, great characters and the combat was pretty good too. The combat is more simplified than witchers 2 and 3 - but I wouldnt say it is a bad combat system by any means.

Also I give this extra points for having the best version of Zoltan in all three games. In this game he is bright and funny - he has a great sense of humor. In witchers 2 and 3 he is bleak and depressing - with quotes like "Its a dogs life Geralt."

Overall I would say this game is a great way to get into the witcher series and it should not be missed.

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

Witcher two is avoid at all must. Dragon in a tower boss battle is the worst end boss ever. Gerald of rails.

Avatar image for so_hai

@lorddaggeroff: That other boss in the swamp with tentacles etc. was no fun either. The inventory management was god awful, and the combat was nonsense.

Avatar image for Deckard2323

@so_hai: Combat is terrible in all 3 games. As is character progression. Witcher games are great adventure games, but terrible RPGs.

Avatar image for streamline

@so_hai: The Kraken?

Avatar image for mackey


The Kayran

Avatar image for so_hai

@streamline: Probably - don't remember the name.

Avatar image for Vojtass

@lorddaggeroff: One fight doesn't make the game worthless. TW2 is definitely worth playing just as TW1. Every fan of this universe should play TW1 & TW2.

Avatar image for m_nay2008

Thanks for the heads-up

Avatar image for robstercraw
  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Enhanced Edition -- $3 (-85%)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt -- $20 (-50%)
  • ? I don't think so! -_-
Avatar image for santinegrete

Great freebie for RPG fans that stand floaty weightless combat. You forgive that? then you'll have a great long time.

Avatar image for Myron117

I remember playing the first. You get over the graphics and glitchy animations after a while.

Glad i did. I got the full background on Geralt and the other characters. Finished it, finished 2 but surprisingly, haven't finished 3 yet.

Avatar image for crashchaos

I'm sorry, but this game doesn't really hold up nowdays. I tried playing it a year ago and everything about it just feels outdated. But hey, a free game is a free game.

Avatar image for Vojtass

@crashchaos: Environment is still be quite nice, story and characters are interesting too. TW1 music was, is and will always stay glorious.

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

@crashchaos: Unless you're referring to it as such because of something other than its gameplay implementation, I think it would be better characterized as unpolished. Especially when compared to subsequent iterations. I actually prefer the 2007 original over Assassins of Kings and Wild Hunt.

Avatar image for Brettsky128

Any RPG fan should experience the first Witcher game. Just make sure you've got some patience.

Avatar image for so_hai

@Brettsky128: Action RPG fan.