The Witcher 3 teased?

Teaser image on CD Projekt Red site shows off Geralt's sword; new project announcement planned for February 5.


Polish developer CD Projekt Red has added to existing rumours that a Witcher 3 announcement could be on the way.

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Posting on the official Witcher community site, the developer revealed an image above an update on the REDkit beta program.

The image depicts the hilt of Witcher protagonist Geralt's sword.

"If you are wondering what's that in that picture above--well, we'll leave it for your imagination to answer," the developer said.

Last week, a secret message from CD Projekt Red was reportedly uncovered in the developer's Cyberpunk 2077 trailer, which spoke of a "fully open-world game with an intense story".

CD Projekt Red has announced that it will reveal its next project on February 5. The REDkit is the developer's set of Witcher 2 modding tools.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was released in May 2011 for the PC to a warm critical reception, later arriving on the Xbox 360.

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If The Witcher 3 delivered same standard of the endings as that of TW2 EE then it will be the most satisfying game trilogy with perfect end to a perfect series . Choices DO matter in The Witcher games , but it'll be even more spectacular if TW2 choices will effect The Witcher 3 then this series will raise such a high bar that it will make it difficult to deliver for other devs .

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Sign me up!

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good news!!

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Why would Aaron Paul want to do this movie? I would like to think he could find a better movie or another TV series. They must be giving him one big paycheck.

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Let me guess The Witcher 3: Geralt has beard.....

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Well, we knew it was coming. Was only a matter of time.

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"First you had my curiosity, now you have my attention."

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Oh shit ~ This is HUUGEE !

TW2 is one of the best RPGs to DATE. I'm so stoked I the chills.

Def recommended guys.

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Hold on there guys. I haven't finished the first game, and my computer kind of chugs on the second game...please stop for a while. I just need to catch I need to get a more powerful computer anyway. Ugh, not looking forward to the dent that'll leave on my wallet.

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To quote a great being called Nasus, "Who let the dogs out? Woof. Woof.".

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Hope there is a PlayStation version this time

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This song just popped in my head after seeing the picture... followed by major goosebumbs...

The path of a kingslayer

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i got the chills!

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awesome WITCHER 3

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Marry me CDPR. I want to have your babies! :D

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Bring it on!!

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Awesome, anything CDPR makes, I will buy

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Don't tease Witcher, it'll get angry.

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It's a reward for modders who participate in beta tests of REDkit - The Witcher 2 modding tools. It's official.

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Witcher 3 = pre-order, Cyberpunk 2077 = pre-order. Basically anything CDProjekt Red puts out on consoles I'll pre-order and they are the only developers I can say that about.

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@Serpentes420 Remember when we could say this about Blizzard and bioWare?? Long gone are those days.

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@Serpentes420 What about Rockstar or Valve?

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@Serpentes420 Ikr hopefully they have another epic collector's edition for the witcher 3! my wallet is ready

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Witcher 3!!! Cant wait!!!

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@megatronx2 So simply put. ^_^

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Excellent news! Legen-wait for it-DARY!!!

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Quote from:

  • MM360
  • CD Projekt RED

"Let me make it easier for you guys:)

It's one of the rewards in the REDkit beta:) "

Like so people can see.

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If this new game is a continuation to Witcher 2 this end trailer might say of what we may expect in Witcher 3

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Any news from CDPR is good news.

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They said they are preparing a Dark fantasy game but they did not tell if it will be a sequel to Witcher

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@Simplythebest12 but they also said "you can probably guess what it is" and seeing as the Witcher is the only game the company's ever made

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Ohh my...The Witcher 3, this game will be legendary. The Witcher 2 was the same but you really had to play the game a secound time to experience both sides of the war. I wounder if the Witcher 3 will be set in the Nilfgaardian Empire?

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Well, I know about that for a week or more....
News said it will be a Dark Fantasy settling... and this dagger here shows it's gonna be witcher 3... not anything else...

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i see this being one of 3 things they are

Witcher 3 being made

the original witcher coming to consoles

or witcher 2 coming to PS3

Avatar image for The_G_S

@MajinSquall Why don't we have both ?

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@The_G_S @MajinSquall Why can't we have all 3, I sure those who didn't buy the pc version and only has a PS3 wish to play this amazing game.

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Witcher 3 - 2014

Cyberpunk 2077 - 2015

thank you CDPR.

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this is goooooooooooooooood news!

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I hope they improve the story a bit this time rather than the texture quality. It was a little disappointing after the first game. I'm only playing it for the interactive story after all.

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@DuaMn What are you talking about? Better looking boobs are always better xD

But to be serious , I hope they double the number of endings xD