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Feature Article

The Witcher 3 On Switch Is Available For Pre-Order Now--Here's Everything Included

Witcher? I hardly know 'er!

As it is unspoken that all great games must come to Switch eventually, so it has come to pass that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will arrive on Nintendo's console later this year. As announced during Nintendo's E3 2019 Direct presentation, this will be the complete version of the game, including both of its expansions: Hearts of Stone, and Blood and Wine. Pre-orders are available now for $60, with no release date yet more specific than later in 2019.

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The physical edition of the game will come on a single, 32GB cartridge, with no additional downloads required. In order to get the game running smoothly on the Switch, however, it will run at 540p in handheld mode and up to 720p, with dynamic resolution enabled, on the big screen. We will have to see how that feels in practice, but a PR manager from developer CD Projeckt Red tweeted out a still from one of the game's most infamous scenes to show it off in action, and it looked serviceable, to say the least.

In addition to the cartridge the physical edition of the game will also ship with a map, a compendium, and stickers of Geralt's iconic wolf pendant, per Amazon's listing. As a definitive edition of a now-classic game, there are no pre-order bonuses announced at this time, so you can grab the full Witcher 3 experience from your preferred retailer.

Pre-Order The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for Switch

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Avatar image for masato_indou

Stable framerate @ 30fps? Sign me up, if it can’t pull that off then I’ll have to pass on this.. 540p on a handheld doesnt bother me, bad framerate does (why i returned my Story of Seasons 3DS) :)

Avatar image for teshammutna

I hope this means they release a new patch for the other consoles and PC to fix some lingering bugs.

Avatar image for sakaixx

Game is consistently $10 on everything else. Dont do it you idiot

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

@sakaixx: But it comes with a sticker set, Sakai! 😭

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

Wow! Game was dreadful enough on other consoles. Pray for a miracle Nintendo followers.

Avatar image for aross2004

@lonesamurai00: Go back to begging for RDR2 please...

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@aross2004: Two years of constant patches just to make the game perform at least decent on the consoles. Don't get mad at what is the truth.

RDR2 is coming to PC, but I don't want it anyway. I much prefer an RPG from the devs at CD Projekt RED anyway. Seeing that Cyberpunk 2077 comes out early next year, you can look forward to more bad performance and patches again, either that or it will be 1080p 30fps across all consoles again, for decent performance.

Avatar image for aross2004

@lonesamurai00: Except RDR2 has not been confirmed on PC yet, (although it's probably safe to ASSUME that it would happen at some point).

But maybe if you beg for it enough...

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@aross2004: Why would I have to beg. The developers tell us every year that the PC platform is their most important platform for their games. In fact it's the the console gamers who are begging, just ask Xbox and Switch gamers why they don't get the games that PC and PS4 gamers get on their platforms. Hell the only console getting a steady stream of games to play these days is the PS4. It's just too bad that the console is junk.

Rockstar isn't the first dev to hold back the PC version of a game for further development separate from its lesser console counterpart, and every time PC Gamers get the best looking, best performing version. Remember - Rockstar themselves said that "there is no downside to a PC version" - NO Downside.

Enjoy your console games before they go cloud streaming fool!

Avatar image for stelios

@lonesamurai00: So.. are you a supposed PC elitist? What's your specs?

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@stelios: Oh you want me to be pretentious and gloat about my PC? This isn't about what my PC has inside, no it's is about the truth, and the truth is that the Witcher 3 is quite horrible to play on the consoles. We all know this to be true, so the more important question is - did I have to mention what we already know.

I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but open world games have never been a genre that has been kind to console hardware.

Avatar image for stelios

@lonesamurai00: Ok I accept this. I played it on PC as well, although I own it on both consoles too. Know this though, in order to see the maximum in Witcher 3 at 4k, one must make a considerable investment in hardware, and this is simply not feasible for most people. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of pc gamers played the game with settings similar to these of a ps4 pro.

Don't be hasty to declare best platforms, because the pc at its highest end represents a tiny minority, that in no way reflects most pc gamers out there.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@stelios: Oh I completely agree, but that changing. You see any PC Gamer can upgrade any component for better everything at his leisure.

then there's this.... since console gamers tend to like Steam Hardware Surveys so much.

PC Gamer - "Steam hardware survey shows RTX graphics cards growing in number"

so that's changing already - then you have the popularity of the GTX 1660 and GTX 1660 Ti, two powerful and yet very affordable GPUs with pretty good ray tracing performance at 1080p. Building a great Gaming PC is getting cheaper and cheaper really, and you get so much out of it.

Avatar image for stelios

@lonesamurai00: I agree with you then. The PC platform has great strengths, even if we're talking strictly gaming.

But I also see the strengths in consoles, which believe me, exist. And frankly, no gamer should snob the Witcher on consoles, if they played it on a 1660.

In the end it's about the consumers and their needs. I'm just happy that we have a multitude of options and ways to go to about our hobby and I don't think we should spend time arguing what's best, because this is subjective according to our different needs.

That said, my initial response was needlessly aggressive, I apologize.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@stelios: I'm not arguing at all. I'm just saying that The Witcher 3 is pretty abysmal on the consoles, so I can't imagine what monstrosity the Switch will produce. Much of the time I get the impression that Nintendo wants to run with the bigger kids.

P.S. The offer of an apology is very kind of you, but I wasn't at all offended by anything that you said.

Avatar image for stelios

@lonesamurai00: Glad to know that my cocky first reply didn't cause problems

I haven't tried playing the Witcher 3 on consoles, but it can't be that bad now, at least on the enhanced versions. I mean, a 1660 would probably do even worse. Also, it's better to play it even on a base console, than not at all. Again, specifically with this game, low tier gpus won't get you anywhere if the goal is to see those huge improvements over consoles. Nor is the modding community anything special in this game, from what I've seen.

Concerning Switch specifically, I agree that the sacrifices are huge, to the point that the game lost all of it's visual identity; considering the gameplay is not very strong in this one, its strongest suit was always the immersive world, which is presented with some merit on the other consoles, to various degrees. But it is only the Switch, where I beleive they did a mistake to port it, because at this point the game is stripped of its more appealing features. It's also not a good game on the go, because it commands significant amount of your time and is not suited for 30 min gameplay sessions. I could only see someone benefitting from mobile play if they're in an 8 hour flight or something.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@stelios: You can do better than the Xbox One X with a 1660TI and have all of the benefits of playing games on a PC barring HDR since it is as prevalent in Xbox first-party games on the PC. Now if graphics are not your thing then you are okay. All though I can't imagine playing such a game on a console, and even less on the Switch.

Bread_or_Decide says that he doesn't mind it, and I can respect his decision, just don't ever look at the PC version.

Avatar image for stelios

@lonesamurai00: You can? Is it Turing architecture? I've got no clue about Nvidia's lowest end gpus. I think the rumored "super" refreshes, if they turn out to be true, will offer a better proposition for the low budget gamer, especially the 2060 super.

In any case, an one x can play the Witcher 3 just fine. If you plan to jump from that to PC for better results, I hardly doubt a 1660 ti will be worth the transition. These cards apply more to the crowd that want to build a low end, low cost PC so they can experience PC exclusives at moderate settings. They're hardly competitive to consoles.

Avatar image for lonesamurai00

@stelios: Yes both 1660 GPUs are built on Turing Architecture, but any GPU that can muster 4K at 30fps is better than the Xbox One X, since the X Box doesn't render many of its games at a native 2160p.

In most cases the 1660 TI can offer a real native 2160p at 30fps experience, with some settings lowered of course. But guess who controls the graphics and performance settings on the PC - well unlike an Xbox One X it's the gamer on his PC who decides what gets changed, not the developer

Avatar image for stelios

@lonesamurai00: Well, color me impressed.

Avatar image for midna

I think i’ll stick with the PC version.

Avatar image for externalpower43

Omg. That looks like absolute garbage. The Switch should stick to what it does best and that is playing games like Candy Crush.

Avatar image for doctor_mg


I don’t think there is a single game similar to Candy Crush on the Switch, actually

Avatar image for icing

What a thumbnail

Avatar image for deactivated-5d4e6334bc1ce

Enjoy it, Nintendoodlers. This is a masterpiece!

Avatar image for fraga500

I wont be paying 60 bucks for it

Avatar image for King_Pazuzu

"The physical edition of the game will come on a single, 32GB cartridge, with no additional downloads required."

Yes, Finally they get it,.

Avatar image for The_Dragon_Born

Take my money. Excellent company and game. I'm glad I waited for my next play through to go portable

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