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The Witcher 3 Graphics Mod Trailer Shows Off New Update's Improvements

Make The Witcher 3 look even better.


A new update has been released for a mod that sets out to improve The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's visuals on PC. As the trailer below demonstrates, it does a mighty fine job of doing so.

Developer by modder Halk Hogan PL, The Witcher 3: HD Reworked Project has just been updated to version 4.6. Halk describes this as the mod's "biggest update ever," with improvements to water, most stone walls and roofs, and most "poor wood" (including things like doors and planks). There's also a fix for crashes related to the optional Novigrad roof replacements, which cause them to look like those from a pre-release E3 showing.

The 10-minute video consists almost entirely of a comparison of the graphics with and without the newly updated mod. Stone walls, in particular, stand out as one of the biggest advancements, but you're clearly in for a treat by taking advantage of the mod.

A full rundown on the mod's improvements can be seen over at Nexus Mods, where you can also download it for yourself. Halk notes that it shouldn't have a dramatic impact on performance, so if your PC is able to handle the game, it may be worth a try. Meanwhile, console players are in for an improvement as PS4 Pro and Xbox One X enhancements are on the way.

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