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The Winter Express Returns To Apex Legends Next Week

The much-loved holiday LTM will go live next Tuesday with the launch of the Wintertide Collection Event, which includes Wraith's Prestige Skin.


The holiday season is quickly approaching--and so is the Winter Express, Apex Legends's popular seasonal LTM. Respawn Entertainment tweeted an announcement this morning confirming that the Winter Express will make its yearly appearance on World's Edge starting next Tuesday, December 6. The mode will go live alongside the Wintertide Collection Event, which also features a new Mythic-tier item: Wraith's Prestige Skin.

The Winter Express LTM pits three teams of three against each other on a moving train that circles the World's Edge map as players battle for control of the train. Respawn Beacons are nowhere to be seen, as players automatically respawn after a short period of time. Points are awarded for clearing out enemy teams and capturing the train at each stop on the tracks.

But the Wintertide Collection Event has lots more to offer, including a collection of 24 wintry cosmetic items. Players who collect all 24 cosmetics will receive Wraith's evolving Prestige Skin, Apex Voidshifter. Additionally, the in-game store will feature cosmetics bundles and other limited-time items over the course of the event.

But players who are short on Apex Coins need not worry--this festive event also features a free reward track with various rewards players can earn simply by playing the game. These rewards include Crafting Metals, weapon charms, legend skins, and even an Apex Pack.

The Wintertide Collection Event reward track features loads of free loot for players to claim.
The Wintertide Collection Event reward track features loads of free loot for players to claim.

No end date has been announced for the Wintertide Collection event, but the dates listed on the in-game store bundles suggest the event will go on until December 27, possibly longer. For more info on the event, check out Respawn's recent blog post.

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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