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The Weirdest And Funniest Dolly Parton Challenge Memes

Lumber companies should be banned from taking part in the Dolly Parton Challenge.


In the modern age of social media, everyone wears different masks, depending which site they are on. From the professional world on LinkedIn to the dating world of Tinder, our profile pictures on these sites differ drastically. Recently on Twitter, country music icon Dolly Parton posted a meme of how she would represent herself on various sites. That sparked a landslide of people and brands doing the same thing under the hashtag "Dolly Parton Challenge."

A lot of people followed suit with Parton, and way too many times, the Tinder one ended up with a shirtless dude--because many dudes who work out love taking shirtless mirror selfies. However, outside of the people playing this meme straight, we got countless people and brands having fun with it. Sometimes, these attempts were truly bizarre or very funny.

That being said, we rounded up a few of the memes we couldn't stop laughing at or couldn't figure out and have them presented for you below. From characters you love on iconic TV shows to lumber companies that have no clue what's going on, you'll probably enjoy these memes.

Ah yes, GameSpot. This is a place I know very well, as they've employed me for years. We have Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series, a very sweet man. Sure, the shirtless mirror selfie is included here, but look at that heart held within his firm, yet soft hands. This is truly a man after our own hearts.

On my journey to find some of these best memes, I found that museums truly understand how to get an audible chuckle out of me, like this one featuring a "spread-eagle" bat for the Tinder section. I'd be all about visiting the Natural History Museum, but it's on London, and that's far.

Chairs don't just serve the purpose of being a place for your butt. There is an aesthetic element to it as well. The Design Museum of London understands this. As for what's happening in the Tinder section, I have no clue. I'm sure you could go to said museum to learn more, but for now, we can only ponder about the origin of its creation.

The world of wrestling also got in on the Dolly Parton Challenge. To the average person who doesn't take part in viewing All Elite Wrestling, the four pictures displayed of wrestler Jake Hager may not be amusing, as they are all the same. Let me explain. Hager is a member of "The Inner Circle," a collective of wrestle-men lead by "Le Champion" Chris Jericho, and the duties Hager performs in this group is the stoic, quiet muscle for the team. So, it's obviously quite humorous that all four of his pictures are the same, as Hager rarely emotes or says anything on AEW's weekly series, Dynamite. Get it?

BBC Earth, which puts out some of the best nature documentaries, offered up its take on the meme, and it is fantastic. If only we could find a way for David Attenborough to narrate this. But what's better, the Instagram monkey or the Tinder monkey? That's the real question no one was asking.

The timber company I've vaguely referenced a couple times in this piece is none other than Scotland's BSW Timber. It's pretty obvious that aside from LinkedIn, it's not familiar with any of the other social media platforms. This feels like more of a pitch for Netflix for an original series. Will I watch the first two minutes of it? Probably.

Moving away from brands that really want your attention, there were a couple Dolly Parton Challenge memes that were just perfect. Andrew Markowitz put together this one of Michael Scott from The Office. If you're wondering what the Tinder version of The Office boss is saying, it's this: "I'm date Mike. Nice to meet me. How do you like your eggs in the morning?" How do I know? I've watched that episode countless times.

Finally, it wouldn't be an official meme on the internet unless someone "Nic Cage'd" it up. Mike McG put together this lovely Dolly Parton Challenge that truly represents the greatest actor of our time. How he settled on each picture for each one, we'll never know, but we're sure it took a very long time, as every image of Cage is perfection and must be carefully considered.

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