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This week, games win king of capitol hill, Start/Select is now daily, Union borders, and more!


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Start/Select Now Daily
Good news GameSpotters, our good friends over at GameSpot UK are kicking it up a notch and are now having Start/Select episodes DAILY! Yep, you heard right, As of June 27, those jolly ol' chaps will be updating on a daily basis! That not enough for you? Well on top of that, Start/Select also has a BONUS day added: Saturday Super Start/Select. Go check out what they've been up to.

Union of the Week Border Contest
Phase one of GameSpot's Union of the Week Border Contest has come to a close. Now we are on to phase two: the voting. Sure GameSpot could have picked the winner for you, but we here in the community thought it would be a better idea to let the union followers of GameSpot help make the call! By going to this thread here, you too can help make GameSpot Union history by helping select the new border for the featured Union of the Week.

Games' Day in Court: VICTORY!
The six-year debate on violent video games finally comes to a close this week. The bill sought to ban the sale or rental of "violent video games" was overturned with a 7-2 vote in favor of the industry. For more information about the bill, the battle, and the win, check out this detailed report.

Pretty in Pink Activity, Last Call
Last week, in honor of Pink Day, we featured a community activity known as "Who Looks Pretty in Pink?" where we pushed many GameSpotters' knowledge of games. Some felt it was easy, some would disagree with that statement, others needed a hint or two to finish their entry. But no matter what category they fell into, one thing is for sure. If you were able to impress the community managers by answering enough correctly, you would be awarded the new "Pretty in Pink" emblem! This activity will be going on until July 7, so if you haven't had a crack at this trivia, it is not too late! Head here for your chance to earn this spiffy new emblem and prove that you know who's pretty in pink.

The Council of Unions
A new union has surfaced in the community this week. One that is centered on the union system itself. The Council of Unions stands for the union community and focuses on providing union support, posting union features and events, and discussing union-related topics. Its long-term goal is to be the base from which unions may grow. It believes that unions need to express their needs for a revamp, and those who are interested can discuss unions and what can be done to improve them.

Member Spotlight

This week's Member Spotlight shines on Gelugon_baat for his wise-cracking though extremely insightful take on how to argue in a civil manner here at GameSpot.

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Union of the Week

Today, we feature a union that practically needs no introduction, but we'll give one anyway! The HeadCrab Union has been around since early 2005, and while it took a short break, it is back with force, featuring a plethora of new content. The HeadCrab Union covers games developed by Valve Software and its Steam platform. Let's hear it for the HeadCrab Union!

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Staff Fingerprints

- Sophia shares yet another chapter in the "Things I Put on My Dog's Head" photo series.
- Lozzica talks about a contest for X-MEN First Class.
- JusticeCovert answers users questions about reviewing longer games.

Blog Bunker

- AK_the_Twilight explains how he became a gamer and says "Happy 20th, Sonic."
- Asagea_888 talks about Final Fantasy VI -- A Fantasy Forgotten.
- DarkLink77 asks "Remember that little barmaid in Lima?"
- biggest_loser rakes the time to sit down and review Bridesmaids.
- AlmightyMax talks about MMO madness or, possibly, a celebration.
- charizard1605 shares a plea to all gamers (and RPG fans in particular).
- Aberinkulas offers his part in Operation Rainfall.
- Pierst179 talks about Pixar's flat tire.


- Fable III Azghouls

- Castlevania: Lords of Shadow gdw0908
- inFamous c_rake
- L.A. Noire PSFreak1
- Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Maluigi
- Dead Nation akhorahill
- Hyperdimension Neptunia ZanarkandTidus

- Dragon Quest IX Aberinkulas

- The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D GeekyDad

- Legend of Mana Asagea_888

- ilomilo JustPlainLucas


Tip of the Week

Have you been having issues with logging in? Is your password not working properly? Do you have problems with your email when using Fuse or other community features? In today's tip, we are pointing out that if these problems apply to you, then creating a new account will not solve your problem.
What you should do is go to GameSpot Support and use the moderation drop-down menu to contact the community managers directly. While this might not be a moderation issue, it will still flag your case to the proper staff to handle the situation.

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