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GameSpot has been nominated for a Webby, but we need your help to win.


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GameSpot has been nominated for the People's Voice Award for the Best Game-Related Website.

Please show your support by following the instructions below and vote ASAP, because the deadline is April 28, which gives you three days to vote! The process takes only five minutes of your time, and every vote counts! As an extra-special thank-you gift, we'll be handing out a Webby's People's Voice achievement as a receipt that you voted, and as a thank-you for your support!

Here's what you need to do.

1. Register your account by visiting

2. Go to your e-mail to activate the account, which should take you to the voting recommendation page.

3. While on the voting recommendation page, click the SKIP link on the bottom of the page, because you don't have to worry about the rest of the categories until you're done with the Games-Related category.


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5. Click the tiny box to create an X in there, and then CAST YOUR VOTE!

6. Now that you've done the deed, you're more than welcome to explore the other categories to vote for the other websites worthy of being considered.

No disrespect to our fellow nominees, but if you look at the big picture, no one does what we do: best reviews, best live event coverage, best video shows, and other content that brings you closer to games than any other outlet does. Not to mention that you all get to pack your blogs and user reviews with your opinions for a chance to have your content shared with everyone by being featured in the weekly report! So let the world, and us, know you appreciate it, and vote for us today (and get your friends to vote as well)! share that you've done in this forum discussion, and learn how you can get some profile points regardless of whether we win! Obviously, if we win, you'll get even more profile points, and an achievement if you posted in the roll call discussion.

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