The War is Over. The Greatest Sidekick of All Time…Revealed?

What started with an open list of 80 potential contenders has been cut down to a single, victorious game sidekick. Bask in his/her/its glory here.


The contest to see who would take home the coveted title of All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick has drawn to a close. What started as an up-for-grabs seeding structure with 80 potential candidates was weeded down to 64 characters to fill initial brackets. And in the subsequent days, competition ran fierce and swift; 64 were cut down to 32, and 32 down to 16, and 16 down to eight. Then, some of us had lunch. Then eight went down to four. Then from four finalists, we came to the final confrontation.

Me? The greatest game sidekick of all time? Sure thing, Mr. McD!
Me? The greatest game sidekick of all time? Sure thing, Mr. McD!

And in the battle between one of the greatest scientific minds of the 20th century and a cartoon duck…

The cartoon duck won.

So, that happened.

Yes, Launchpad McQuack, the helpful sidekick who never hesitates to whisk Scrooge McDuck away to the bonus stage in the Ducktales games, has won this competition. Launchpad won by virtue of votes and is ready to receive all your cheers and adulation (if any), while the other sidekicks leave through that other door. You know, the one over there.

Another All-Time Greatest Game Character competition has drawn to a close, and we here at GameSpot thank you for your participation. Feel free to visit the forums to discuss the outcome and thanks once again for playing.

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3 years later, and I can still taste the salt

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Apparently. /v/ had a hand in this.

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Was hoping for Sully, but it's kinda funny seeing people rant about this here.

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@WolfSpirit17 Still nothing yet? You might want to ask around about it.

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@WolfSpirit17 I have heard nothing either :(

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@WolfSpirit17 i really hope to see something coming your way, honestly why would gamespot not be true to their word?

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lol wow Launchpad won? who voted on these a bunch of 38 years that haven't touched games since the NES?

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@WolfSpirit17 Good sir, I think they may be looking to refuse you. It is not unlike one who refuses the results of a coin toss, a poll *hohoho* or other laid out terms with a fair result. Simply put, they're being rather childish.

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So uhh, when am I going to hear about my prize? Still waiting on that email laid out in the contest rules...

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It's hilarious how quickly this embarrassment disappeared from the main page. Hopefully Gamespot is coming to realize how easily these things are trolled.

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This is BALDERDASH!!! Do you hear me, GameSpot?! BALDERDASH!!!!

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If only Gamespot members had been allowed to vote, the results would have been much different.

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sheesh - it was all for fun. so a lot of people decided to vote for Launchpad....and your fave didn't get the votes. get the heck over it and move on. as a not so famous person once said. They are only video games:lol:

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Doesn't matter. Falco didn't win.

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@Jake518 Nah, I'm just explaining what GS did wrong to make everyone else mad (including their sponsors). It's bad business and deserves to be called out for what it is.

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@gorgaxaeon you mad, bro?

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To the GS mods who ruined the spirit of this competition, and everyone baw-hawwwing over the final result, it is your fault that many console games require you to buy an online pass. It is your fault we get a cookie-cutter sequel to franchises past their prime every year. It is your fault Diablo 3 has DRM and an in-game cash auction, FPS's have regenerating health, new "revisions" to the DS every other year Nintendo begs hundreds of dollars for, 5000 Guitar Hero sequels/knockoffs/addons, Notch stopped updating Minecraft every week, and companies like Activision and EA pro-actively crush the innovative dreams of young independent game developers.

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Thousands of people came in droves to vote for Lanchpad and Einstein. Had this been a fair competition, the mods would have given the winner and runner-up exactly what they promised, and the ensuing hilarity would have brought even more traffic to the site, and more dollars to their pockets from their sponsors. This is an egregious display of gaming politics and corporate lackey mentality, and a shining example of what is wrong with this industry. This was a competition for fun, and GS ruined that fun because it's glaringly obvious they were bought out to nudge certain specific mascots to victory.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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GS really had an opportunity to capitalize off the drama surrounding this competition. Everyone complaining that the competition was "rigged" to let Launchpad win, look at how the staff went against their promises of a victory video and proper article for the winner. The game was obviously rigged for only certain characters to win, and when something unexpected happened, the hosts pulled the plug. It's like when a host shuts down his server prematurely so they don't screw up his KDR, it's lame and unprofessional, and makes them look weak.

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Hmmpph, that's BS and they know it. I had hoped that this contest had been pulled and that we'd never see it again.

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HA! figures they didn't put up a video!!!

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Hey guys where's the sidekick forum? How are we supposed to remind the GS staff to post a video if we can't access the forum?

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Given the timing of the winner announcement and what occurs in Gears of War 3, I have a strong feeling Gamespot told Epic and Microsoft, "Yeah, there's no doubt that Dom would win. We'll throw in an inanimate object, characters a good chunk of people probably never heard of from games they never played, some pets and mounts. And an anthropomorphic duck. Hell, we'll even throw Einstein in there. Would it be easier and more guaranteed to just rig the counts? Yeah. But it's also easier to just take the butcher's word than to stick your head up the cow's ass."

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"And in the battle between one of the greatest scientific minds of the 20th century and a cartoon duck… The cartoon duck won. So, that happened." lol

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Seeing that he's not originally a game character (he appeared in the cartoon first), he shouldn't even have been in this vote. Same as Vader and Dracula in the greatest game hero vote. They might as well have added donald and the rest of the gang. Who exactly chooses the candidates?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Dom form Gears 3 should've won I mean: SPOILER ALERT He made the ultimate sacrifice! That is enough to remember him as the greatest sidekick of all time.

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"who voted for this duck are you mental" Still a better choice than einstein

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Rush should have won.

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The staff who wrote this sounds disappointed. lol.

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Where's the video, Lebowski!? I want the video!

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@GamingGluk Gamespot did, but they all voted for the characters that lost such as Cortana and Luigi.

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@leikeylosh Very.

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@PlyrMava Thanks! :D

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If any? You better BELIEVE that he's getting cheers and adulation, sucka!

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Never heard of him. I still think the greatest sidekick is TAILS. He can beat up duck anytime.

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lol. This made my day.

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I never heard of this character nor the game in my entire life!!

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People hating on Launchpad need to get a life.

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@MasterKingMP Get a life.

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this tournament was absolutely THE biggest joke Gamespot has hosted. It's fun for the trolls to vote for the wrong character and completely destroy the tournament with crap characters moving on. I congratulate the Gamespot Users who did this for a job well done....You made this tournament the worst one ever.

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who voted for this duck are you mental

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It's really Garrus in disguise

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Any crash you can walk away from is a good crash.

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Morphine makes the holy known, Uncle Lina Eyeing up down that sappy nun, Uncle Lina

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@wahyudil Here is the winner then.