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The Walking Dead Spin-Offs Resume Production Following SAG-AFTRA Deal With AMC

Daryl Dixon, The Ones Who Live, and other AMC original series each get show-specific go-aheads amid the continuing television strikes.


AMC Networks has successfully negotiated interim agreements with SAG-AFTRA to resume production on The Walking Dead spin-offs Daryl Dixon and The Ones Who Live--as well as the gothic horror series Interview with the Vampire. The agreements signify a significant development for the network and were confirmed in an exclusive report by Deadline.

AMC declined to elaborate further on the details of these agreements, which are specific to the individual circumstances of each show. The negotiations do not encompass all of AMC Networks' offerings. While the company falls within the AMPTP's authorized category, it has not been actively involved in the ongoing negotiations with other studios.

AMC Networks CEO Kristin Dolan stated that the disputes with writers and actors were not anticipated to disrupt the network's programming until "well into 2024[…] We greatly value the work of our creative partners and hope these disputes can be resolved as quickly and fairly as possible."

Interview with the Vampire is set to resume its Season 2 filming in Prague. Similarly, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon's Season 2 will be shot in Europe, while The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live is wrapping up its story arcs with post-production work pending.

Daryl Dixon marks the fifth spin-off in The Walking Dead universe and is set to launch its first season on September 10. The series traces Norman Reedus' character's journey across a transformed France, revealing unexpected connections that challenge his initial plans.

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live offers a conclusion to the story arcs of characters Rick Grimes and Michonne. This spin-off delves into their evolving relationship within a world ravaged by both the living and the dead. The show is scheduled to premiere in 2024.

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