The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale Ratings Are Kind Of Bad

Fear the Walking Dead is growing, though.

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Are The Walking Dead's glory days over? The ratings for the Season 8 finale are in and they're not great--at least as far as The Walking Dead is concerned. Nearly 8 million viewers tuned in to see the end of Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) war with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), which made it the biggest show on cable that night.

However, the ratings paint a bleak picture. As reported by Variety, this was a 30 percent drop from the audience that tuned in to watch the Season 7 finale one year before. In fact, this was the lowest-rated finale since Season 1, which brought in 6 million viewers. According to Variety, the highest was Season 5, in which 15.8 million tuned in to see Morgan (Lennie James) finally reuniting with Rick.

While ratings for the AMC zombie series continue to be on a downward trend, it still has the type of viewership many other shows would kill for. That said, it's only a matter of time before that's no longer the case. If the zombie show keeps bleeding viewers like it has been, it's going to become a walker itself.

As for Fear the Walking Dead, which saw Morgan join the cast of characters after jumping from the mothership, the Season 4 premiere saw just over 4 million viewers tune in. While that's a loss of nearly half of the audience from its The Walking Dead lead-in, it's also nearly double the Season 3 finale's viewers.

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Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

Simon was the most interesting character, they should have made him apart of the bleep, so Rick can finally talk too bleep in private, after the bleep bush, later knocking bleep out, so Rick can return to Maggie, saving the extra (wasted bleep tape) then Simon could be melevelant and where Maggie becomes bleep so does the crew. Ending it with Simon holding luciele with d head attached to it working with Eugene to coat each bullet with zombie blood and orders to wound. With the show ending. with Rick standing next to bleep telling bleep to Anand for bleeps decision.

Ps the show went bat sass crazy when began didn't achknowledge the flying bleep or focus on that and search where it came from. Dumped season ever of all seasons ever made from seasons in season history, hell even stranger things puts this show to shame.

Avatar image for philthestampede

I made an account just to say WHY IS YOUR THUMBNAIL A HUGE SPOILER??? What is wrong with you guys? If it wasn't clear how sensitive you guys are on this site, I'd light it up with some pretty nasty obscenities. Shame on you. I officially hate your site for this absolutely absurd oversight and seriously obvious lack of understand of your own users.

Avatar image for JIMDOG4442002

Who cares I'm still watching it.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

That’s because most of the characters left are unlikeable or are only alive because of writers armor. Carol and Morgan are some of the dumbest characters you could ever meet and would have died a long time ago but are protected by the paper thin “plot”. I was actually hoping Neegan would just kill them all. Last season I will watch.

Avatar image for mattcake

Loved the first season, paid over the odds to get 2/3/4 on bluray... nowadays I don't give a **** about it, who on earth is producing this nonsense? Morons in a scrapyard with a load of brainwashed people... shiny boy Negan who no one would follow because he's so cheese... multiple chances to kill him but STILL no takers? Sigh. I've been more interested in Fear the Walking Dead to get my zombie fix (I keep trying Z-Nation but Murphy is the only reason to watch it)

Do yourself a favour and watch The Punisher instead.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@mattcake: Punisher is waaaaaaayyyyyy better.

Avatar image for darkhunterix

I'll never understand why they dont pursue the government, what caused it, a cure, etc. They just gave up on that half way through the series then its just villain oh no, better kill him... now lets start over with a new villain. Like, I still watch the show, but I have to admit there is a lot of unexplored depth as far as exploring the virus itself. Fear the walking dead I got so excited when the military was involved and to hopefully slowly see the virus take its toll on the city. Instead, the military virtually disappeared and by like episode 4 the entire city was already infected. Such huge missed opportunities. My fear is that both shows will eventually end with no explanation about the virus itself.

Avatar image for Hagan

@darkhunterix: I agree. Its just like oh no the Governor is a bad guy. Let's spend 2 seasons fighting him. Ok he's dead, time to fight Negan.

I think in reality in a global pandemic that swept over humanity so quickly the remaining survivors would be looking for the cause or a prevention/retardant/cure. But the writers/producers just don't care about that aspect of show at all. Its just like let's just have the characters keep going to safe place to safe place to safe place (the farm, the prison, Alexandria, etc.) and have the show continuing on a never ending loop.

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you know what??


Avatar image for aross2004

@lisandro210: Not sure how Neegan lying on the ground spoils it, but don't let the door hit you...

Avatar image for deactivated-5ada1e33a00bc

@aross2004: Are u kidding???? i dont care if he dies or not, its a Spoiler its idiotic to post that picture, dont try to find a way around it. Nevertheless its the third time they do that, so bye and reply my balls

Avatar image for aross2004

@deactivated-5ada1e33a00bc: I'm not trying to get around anything. Neegan lying on the ground doesn't tell you what happens to him.

Avatar image for Hagan

I stopped watching after the first episode of Season 6. Show seemed to be on an infinite loop of Rick being a passive farmer, then losing his mind crazy. Also it had the same theme each season. Season 2 we found the farm, we're safe - on no we're overrun we need a new place. Season 3 - we found the prison we're safe, oh no we're at war with the Governor, and he blew up our fences, we need to find a new place. Season 5 they found Alexandria (?) with those wimps that didn't know how to fight, and they eventually had to lead the zombies away so they - surprise - wouldn't get over run but it seemed to happy anyway, and I just felt the cycle kept repeating over and over again. It was boring. Don't care anymore

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

Could not put a more "spoilery" pic? What the hell, Gamespot??

Avatar image for altairdarius

It might be a drop but still is a lot of audiance. Personally I found this seasson boring and the end (the threat from within without making spoilers) doesn’t make me excited to wait for the next seasson.

Avatar image for s1taz4a3l

Stopped watching when the baby didnt died with lori on the prison, i know its TV and they will hardly would ever kill a baby but i endured Daryl for 3 season, no mas. Daryl and his magic backpack, he carries ammo, diapers, baby formula, water, anything that the group needed, it was on Daryl backpack, might as well call him Felix.

Avatar image for justmo

Thanks for the spoilers Gamespot! Damn!!!

Avatar image for nabinator

I stopped watching since the end of Season 5. Plot just seemed to be going around in circles for me. Settle in, get overrun. New badie finds them, overthrow new badie. Rinse and repeat. The cycle is renewed with just fresh faces coming in and old ones going out.

Avatar image for mdinger

@nabinator: TBH isn't that effectively how just about all long-running TV series/movies work? How is that any different to superhero movies (especially Marvel)? People watch long-running TV shows/movies to check in with familiar characters, not for super engaging original storylines.

Avatar image for Hagan

@nabinator: Same, I stopped watching after Season 6 episode 1. I completely agree the show seemed to be on an endless loop as you said.

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

I say it is time to end the Walking Dead before it goes beyond embarrassing. Focus on Fear the Walking Dead because right now there are to many spinoffs going on.

Avatar image for masscrack

lol spoilers in the thumbnail, these gaming websites like gamespot and ign are completely careless when it comes to spoilers.

Avatar image for Henry518

Wow, wtf with the spoilers on the thumbnail? I was going to watch the episode today...

That's it, I'm deleting my GameSpot account and moving to another gaming news site.

You guys have become the worst gaming news site.

Avatar image for justmo

@Henry518: I'm really angry...

Avatar image for xnshd

never watched an episode gonna start soon though when i actually can be bothered.

Avatar image for carlgrimes

I'm much more interested in Westworld at this point. TWD has been on a downward spiral for a while now. Too many silly choices made for the sole purpose of shocking viewers, rather than moving the plot in a reasonable direction.

Avatar image for aross2004

Other than the last scene in the episode, that could have easily been the series finale and I would have been perfectly cool with it, but noooo......

Avatar image for CeltaVigo

that fear the walking dead premiere was way better than any episode in season 8 of the walking dead.

Avatar image for chrishayner

@CeltaVigo: Fear Season 2 and 3 are pretty good. I'm bummed nobody gives it the due it deserves because of TWD (and a bad first season).

Avatar image for suprsolider

I just don't care anymore. The writing is garbage. Everything is drawn out too long. The last episode I watched the Tiger died. That is it, I just do not care anymore about the show.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@suprsolider: The tiger had more personality than King “I can’t be bothered to even remember his name”.

Avatar image for Barighm

My desire to keep watching just isn't there anymore. The zombies are still cool, but the gunfights are mediocre and everything is just a big soap opera now. And there is still no end in sight. You can only watch the same characters suffer over and over again until you just get tired of it.

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

@Barighm: I agree it is just ridiculous.