The Walking Dead Gets Final Season Trailer

"We finish the fight together."


AMC's The Walking Dead has been a pop culture phenomenon for over a decade. Now, having wrapped production on the final season of the series, the last episodes will arrive beginning in October. A trailer was shown during Comic-Con that was part retrospective, mixed with many teases of what's to come as The Walking Dead winds down.

There are flashes of events, mainly footage of fights with The Commonwealth and the deputy governor Lance Hornsby, played by Josh Hamilton. Both Commonwealth and Hornsby served as the main antagonists for Season 11.

While the main Walking Dead show is ending, it spun off into five series. In addition to the long-running Fear the Walking Dead and the two-season limited series The Walking Dead: World Beyond, in the works, are Isle of the dead, which centers on Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) in post-apocalyptic New York, the Tales From the Walking Dead anthology series, and a new show that follows Daryl (Norman Reedus).

During the panel, it was revealed that the production crew made a reel with a single second of every episode and showed it at the wrap party. It includes the first shot of Rick waking up and ends with the final shot ever.

"We hope to share that with the fans at some point," said showrunner Angela Kang. "But it would spoil things now."

The Walking Dead: The Last Episodes starts October 2, only on AMC.

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