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The Walking Dead: Final Season Pulled From Sale (Temporarily At Least)

Telltale has temporarily paused sales of the final season.


Telltale Games has removed The Walking Dead: The Final Season from sale amid questions about the game's future in light of the massive layoffs at the studio.

The game's store page on states, "Telltale has requested a temporary pause of sales of The Walking Dead - Final Season. For all up to date Telltale news, please refer to their official Twitter page."

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Over on Steam, there is a somewhat longer notice which reads, "We have removed season passes for The Walking Dead: The Final Season from stores for the time being. We’re currently still working to find a way to hand off production of episodes 3 and 4 so that the season can be completed. The outcome of those efforts will determine when and how The Final Season returns to stores. We hope to have a firm announcement before the end of the week. For now, we apologize for any inconvenience."

On Xbox One, The Final Season is listed as "currently not unavailable." The PlayStation Store database only shows The Final Season's free demo as being available. The Final Season's store page on Steam does not allow you to purchase the game.

Episode Two of The Final Season launched on Tuesday, September 25, but whether or not episodes Three and Four ever release is in question.

It makes sense that Telltale would remove the $20 Final Season Pass. Given that the company has said it is unsure if it will be able to release Episodes Three and Four, letting people buy the pass containing those episodes when it can't guarantee it will deliver them is not a great look and might put Telltale in a legally challenging situation.

Telltale announced a "majority studio closure" last Friday, resulting in the loss of more than 200 jobs. One of the affected developers has filed a class-action lawsuit against Telltale asking the company to pay missed wages, health benefits, 401(k) contributions, and more.

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