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The Very Good Pup From Cowboy Bebop Is Now An Ultra-Limited, Sparkly Collectible

Ein, the real star of Cowboy Bebop, gets a super-rare sparkly makeover.


Who's the best character in the anime series Cowboy Bebop: Answer: Ein. Always Ein, now and forever. And if you happen to be a person of culture and good taste, you can now celebrate the best pooch in all of anime with this cute collectible. Not only do you get the greatest cartoon Corgi with a sparkling exterior--the best live-action Corgi would be Cheddar from Brooklyn 99--but also some fun extras pulled straight from his appearances on the cult-classic anime series. Preorders are live now at Entertainment Earth, and you'll get free delivery--the Ein figure is currently expected to release in June.

A sparkly Ein appears!
A sparkly Ein appears!

Exclusive to Entertainment Earth, this vinyl figure is a rare "Sparkle Variant" of the data dog from Mondo. The glitter paint deco makes him pop beautifully in any collection, and only 230 of these figures will be available. Ein comes complete with his iconic dog bowl, Brain Dream headset, and he's packaged inside the same suitcase he appeared in when he escaped a lab. Priced at $85, the seven-inch figure will be released in June.

If you're looking to add the anime to your collection, you're in luck. An anniversary edition of Cowboy Bebop was released last year to celebrate 25 years since the landmark anime was first released. This special edition Blu-ray release includes the entire 26-episode series along with exclusive bonus content like audio commentaries from Cowboy Bebop's Japanese and English voice casts, a 25-year retrospective featurette, interviews with the creator Koichi Yamadera, and more. You can also pick up a trio of Amazon-exclusive Cowboy Bebop vinyls, including the beloved original soundtrack.

Cowboy bebop 25th Anniversary Edition
Cowboy bebop 25th Anniversary Edition

In case it's sold out, Entertainment Earth has a few other fun Cowboy Bebop collectibles in stock and up for preorder. A 1:6 scale action figure of Spike Spiegel arrives this month from ThreeZero, and several vinyl figures captures the spirit of the anime in a compact and cute form.

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