The Uncharted Movie Has An R-Rated Script, Naughty Dog Says It Knows "Nothing" About It

"I wrote it the way that movie should be written."


[UPDATE] Uncharted writer Neil Druckmann said on Twitter that no one at Naughty Dog has read Joe Carnahan's script.

And in response to more recent comments from Carnahan in a Collider interview, Druckmann said he wishes Carnahan would "stop implying that he has our support."

Here's what Carnahan told Collider:

"The script went in, the script got huge, it got a big round of applause at Sony, they were very, very happy with it. So I don’t know, we’ll see what the casting comes out [as]. Shawn Levy was brilliant; we worked together for a couple months on it… There was a lot of pressure because I've got friends over there at Sony, Jonathan Kadin, obviously Tom Rothman and I go way back, Doug Belgrad--these are like my guys. So I felt an additional weight of like, ‘I gotta deliver them something they’ll make.’ It’s got four of the most insane--I've never written crazier sh** in terms of an action sequence than what’s in that movie… I’m very happy with the script, and listen it was important that I got Amy Hennig's approval, her and Nolan North, and what I've heard is the Naughty Dog guys are really happy with it. But who knows? That could be like Donald Trump hearing something; that may not be true at all.”

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Uncharted movie writer Joe Carnahan has shared some new details on his script. Speaking to ComingSoon, Carnahan said he tried to match what the games offer in terms of dialogue. This includes swearing and adult themes; he expects a movie based on his script to receive an R rating.

"When I wrote Uncharted, I didn't spare the rod," he explained (via Collider). "I wrote it the way the video game is. They swear in the game, they're kinda foul-mouthed, and I kept all that stuff intact, and I definitely didn't write it as a PG-13 movie. I wrote it the way that movie should be written."

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R-rated movies traditionally make less money than those with lower ratings, which may explain why some studios are reportedly hesitant to give the green light to films with the Restricted rating. Director Gore Verbinski has said he could not raise enough money for an R-rated version of BioShock, with the studio more intent on making it PG-13, a compromise he would not accept. More recently, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn said he couldn't get an R-rated Hitman movie made.

Carnahan, who wrote 2010's The A-Team and the upcoming Bad Boys For Life,says it's not true that R-rated movies can't be big commercial successes, especially today, after Deadpool.

"I never understood the metric for, 'This will make X-amount more if it were PG-13,'" he said. "PG-13 in a lot of ways is a cop out, and I think it's been exposed as such."

Also in the interview, Carnahan talked about the comparisons that people make to Uncharted and Indiana Jones. They may share some qualities, but there is a reason why Carnahan believes his Uncharted script as an "anti-Indiana Jones" feel to it.

"Drake is not a guy who likes museums. He thinks they're all crooked. Curators are 'thieves;' the guys in the Louvre and The Met are thieves and despicable," Carnahan said. "He's a treasure hunter, not an archaeologist. He doesn't have Indiana Jones' idea of pure faith in archaeology. That's not the way he thinks."

"I think Amy Hennig did it when she wrote the game. She made Drake very much an anti-Indiana Jones, you know? Don't forget, for that first game after that pirate attack, Drake and Sully leave Elena behind; they dump her. Indiana Jones would never do something like that. That's a rogue act..."

Finally, Carnahan said his Uncharted movie script is not based on one of the Uncharted games, though of course he used them as a template. "There's no point in just transposing them to film," he said. "You've gotta come up with new sh*t, so that's what I did. It was a great challenge but it was a lot of fun."

The Uncharted series is known for its big action sequences, and you can expect these to be in the Uncharted movie. "I probably wrote four of the biggest, f***in' craziest action sequences I think I've ever written in that movie," he said.

You can read the full interview here at ComingSoon.

Before Carnahan came onboard, Mark Boal (Zero Dark Thirty) was among those to have written a draft of the Uncharted movie script. Superbad writers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were reportedly courted to write a script years ago. There is no guarantee that Carnahan's script will be the one that gets made into a movie.

The movie was first announced way back in 2009, only for it to repeatedly fall apart. Actors mentioned as possibilities for leading roles included Mark Wahlberg, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Amy Adams, and Scarlett Johansson. Chris Pratt is among those to pass on the role of Nathan Drake. We're still waiting for official casting announcements.

Shawn Levy (Stranger Things, Night at the Museum) is directing the Uncharted movie, which will reportedly start filming this year.

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