The UFO Gaming Apex Legend's Tourney Ends With Surprise Winner

(Produced in Partnership with UFO Gaming) UFO Gaming held its inaugural eSports tournament on Saturday, October 23rd. The successful UFO Gaming $10k Cup pitted pro-gamers, streamers, and the general gaming public against one another in an Apex Legends tournament with $10,000 worth of prize money up for grabs.


UFO Gaming is a decentralized social gaming platform that is bridging the gap between blockchain and traditional mobile and PC games. It uses a Game-Fi consisting of multiple Play-to-Earn (P2E) games, with each one allowing gamers to join their friends, create clans, own and trade virtual land, and earn NFTs and cryptocurrency by completing quests. Normally, only pro-gamers and popular streamers could profit from their passion, but UFO Gaming and its crypto-powered version of P2E will allow anyone to make a profit by playing video games.

This is reflected in the UFO Gaming 10k Cup, as anyone was able to join and compete for the prize money, giving the community a chance to play against popular Twitch streamers and pro gamers alike.

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The tournament format was a Kill Race Leaderboard. Competitors had to play as many games of Apex Legend's Duos mode as possible within the three hour window, then submit their five best scores to the UFO Gaming website. A point was earned for every kill, while placing first, second, or third in a match would also award each player with an extra six, four, or three points respectively. The first place prize for the tournament was $5,000; second place earned $3,000; and third place took home $2,000.

Among the professional players and content creators involved were Nokokopuffs from TSM, Apryze from Complexity Gaming, Bobbysolez, and Allenownz.

Nokokopuffs and Apryze teamed up and both hosted the tournament on their respective Twitch channels. The pair picked up four quick kills during the opening minutes of their first game, although both players were downed and then revived during the shootout. A short while later Nokokopuffs was killed by a duo that snuck up behind him, but Apryze used Pathfinder's grappling hook to sweep in and save the day, killing both members of the team to take their total points to six during the first match. After using Nokokopuff's beacon to revive him, both players headed to the nearest firefight and picked up another three kills. Their next encounter didn't go quite so smoothly, however, as they were both killed, finishing the first game with nine total points after finishing fifth.

A decent warm-up match, but not a score that's gonna cut it in the battle for first place and the intoxicating $5,000 prize. Fortunately, the second match was a major improvement, as the pro duo finished in first place with 24 total kills between them, giving them an impressive score of 30 for the match. This was followed up by another match win and another 24 kills combined, but these two games were just precursors for the highest-scoring game so far, as Nokokopuffs and Apryze finished first again, this time with a whopping 29 kills between them. Four of those kills might've been on the same player, but a kill is still a kill. This gave them a spectacular total score of 35 for the match.

With time running out, the pro team racked up another 29-kill game en route to a first-place finish, giving them a total score of 161 for the tournament. They then improved on this score with their final game, picking up another first-place finish and 27 kills to push their total into the upper echelons. This game replaced one of their 24-kill games as part of their five best, giving Nokokopuffs and Apryze a final score of 164.

Surprisingly, however, this wasn't enough to take first place and the $5,000 grand prize, as the pro's finished the UFO Gaming 10k Cup in second place.

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Here are the final results:

First place - Obey Ace and KNG_R3KT (189 points)

Second Place - Nokokopuffs and Apryze (164 points)

Third Place - rowdELife and Amzoop (128 points)

Honourable mentions:

Fourth place - twitch M1zery and IIRetroManII (127 points)

Fifth place - Xaze on Twitch and McDude2k13 (126 points)

As you can see, UFO Gaming's first tournament was highly competitive. Not only did content creators Obey Ace and KNG_R3KT emerge victorious by beating out a pro team, but the difference between third and fifth place--and the $2,000 payout--was only two points.

Even if you didn't place near the top five, getting to play in an eSports tournament where there's prize money up for grabs is exciting. UFO Gaming will be hosting more competitions like this in the future, making Play-to-Earn available for everyone, you can follow their future tournament updates here.

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