The Turok 2 Remaster Hits PC Soon, Watch New Trailer Now

A new multiplayer mode is included in the remaster.

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Now Playing: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil - Release Date Trailer

Following the release of the Turok remaster in 2015, a remastered version of the sequel, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, now has a date--and it's soon. Developer Nightdive Studios announced today that the game will launch on March 16 for Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.

A new trailer has also been released and can be seen above.

Seeds of Evil, an FPS in which you play as a dinosaur-slayer named Turok, was originally released for the Nintendo 64 and reportedly sold more than 1 million copies.

The Seeds of Evil remaster contains everything from the original, along with new "grotesque" bosses and 20 new weapons. One of these is the Cerebral Bore, which can drill into skulls to send brain matter flying. A new game mode, Last Turok Standing, is also added in the remaster. This is a multiplayer mode that lets players fight to the death for an "even more visceral gaming experience."

Seeds of Evil is playable at the Game Developers Conference this week at the Intel booth.

The Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Seeds of Evil remasters are reportedly headed to Xbox One at some point in the future.

Nightdive has also acquired the rights to the System Shock franchise. It is currently bringing the series back with the in-development System Shock 3.

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Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Hope it comes to Xbox one soon. Loved that game when I was a kid.

Avatar image for badsleepwalker

I used to love sneaking and putting arrows through the heads of raptors. Hopefully they kept the fog in the harbor level, it made that area. Rest of the fog can go.

Avatar image for angrycreep

I didn't see any fog in that video for Turok 2. The original so called Turok dinosaur hunter remaster look more like a minor graphical update and included the fog and everything that annoy me in the original game. The first game didn't looked like Remaster game at all. Hopefully Turok 2 does look like a real remaster job.

Avatar image for nintendians

for me, i rather have it remake the whole thing.

Avatar image for Dark_sageX

A remake would have been a more worthwhile announcement, oh well at least the game will be optimized for modern systems, and I do hope current owners get a free update.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

@Dark_sageX: it's not really obtainable making it a more desired re-release, the original release was a terrible port and can only be found on bootleg.

Avatar image for vilified_signals

"Cerebral bore is a new weapon"
What? Might want to check those sources, dude.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll


Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

Probably my favorite N64 game of all time.

Avatar image for naz99

Nightdive buy the rights to these forgotten franchises and then rework them to work well on modern systems as many of them have major problems on newer windows machines and obviously they do not even exist on the newer consoles, with exceptions they are not true remasters, their main aim for some ip's is to eventually bring the franchises back, not spend all their money updating the old games in the franchise.

They are doing this with System shock althogh the remake with this game is actually a proper remaster mainly due to its age and popularity and that will help fund the development of system shock 3, they also tried to get the rights to No one Lives Forever although failed as nobody knew which of 2 companys truly owned it and neither publisher could be bothered finding out

Thius isnt some huge publisher just spitting out its back catalouge online, Its unreasonable to expect this small company to do full on remasters for all of the ip's they are collecting especially after the cost of buying the rights in the first place, at least they are not left to die

I support these guys fully in what they are trying to do and i hope it works out for them.

Avatar image for cfscorpio

The trailer says fully remastered but the graphics look like they only got a resolution bump. Go look at the Halo 1 & 2 remasters and try again.

Avatar image for se7en1989

@cfscorpio: Its a scam.

Avatar image for savagerodent

@cfscorpio: It's a remaster, not a remake.

Avatar image for se7en1989

So you remastered it with outdated graphics...makes sense.

Avatar image for savagerodent

@se7en1989: It's a remaster, not a remake.

Avatar image for ALLIAMOS

to Capcom, to steam

Capcom replay please

dino crisis 1,2 ???

resident evil 2,3 ?!?

onimusha 1,2.3


easy money

Avatar image for koospetoors

@ALLIAMOS: Or a new Okami... or Dragon's Dogma 2 *coughcough*

Avatar image for Nintendo316T


Avatar image for darthrevenx

@Nintendo316T: ENOSLIVES


Avatar image for tronny2011

You sure its a remaster still seems to have the muddy textures from when it was released all them yrs ago..oh well..

Avatar image for savagerodent

@tronny2011: It's a remaster, not a remake.