The Truth About Her Story Should Remain a Mystery, Creator Says

Developer withholds opinion on the game's ambiguous conclusion.


The creator of Her Story has said he will not bring closure to speculation surrounding the game's mysterious ending.

Sam Barlow said in an interview with Polygon that he "has no intention of weighing in on its ambiguous ending," in reference to his game's divisive final moments.

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Her Story, which is played by examining an archive of police video interviews, charges players with solving a mystery that's two decades old with only a search engine and some meticulously transcribed video clips to go on.

Since its launch back in June, the game has been praised by critics for its distinctive approach to storytelling and gameplay. GameSpot's Her Story review was particularly positive, and the title also went on to be awarded GameSpot's Game of the Month for June.

Most fan theories regarding Her Story's narrative fall into one of two categories, but despite the game's ambiguous story, the developer has said that the game does have a definite interpretation.

Barlow says of the two fan theories: "The interesting aspect to all of that is just they're all different angles on the same idea. I was always loathe to express my opinion on any of that because I don't think it's necessary. I think it's quite fine for people to have their own opinions of where that stuff stands."

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