The To-Do List: What to watch on GameSpot this weekend and a Community Challenge

On today's GameSpot blog, we introduce Community Challenges, give you a sneak peak of this weekend's shows and reveal a giveaway.


TGIF everyone! Friday’s GameSpot blog is called The To-Do List. Each week, we will reveal contests, give you a sneak peak of our weekend shows, and detail the community challenge. What is the community challenge you ask? We will give the community a challenge that they must complete before Monday. This challenge can be anything from writing a review/blog to getting a high score in a game. Scroll down to check out the first challenge!

This weekend on GameSpot

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Top 5 Skyrim Mods is brought to you by Seb Ford and Cameron Robinson every Saturday at 12pm PST. This show trawls the enormous Skyrim mod catalogue, so you don't have to. They bring the very best world-changing mods to your screen, from high detailed armor mods to exploding chickens, there's nothing our bold adventurers won't try. Tomorrow’s episode, Thomas the Tank Dragon, will feature exactly that. Thomas the tank as a dragon! No explanation needed! [Top 5 Skyrim Mods Show Page]

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Reality Check is a show that investigates the science behind your favorite games, and spawns a few wild theories of its own. It is hosted by Cameron Robinson every Sunday at 12pm PST, but if he is not around Seb or Johnny jump in. Sunday’s episode will explore 5 amazing non-game uses for Oculus Rift. [Reality Check Show Page]

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House of Horrors is a live show hosted by Jess McDonnell and Zorine Te, where they play some the scariest games out there. Good times, nice scares, and a whole lot of Jess jumping out of her seat. Tune in this Sunday at 7pm PST on our Twitch channel to watch the ladies play Haunted Memories. [House of Horrors Show Page]

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This week’s Community Challenge is all about Steam Early Access! Share in a blog what games you're excited for in the Steam Early Access line up. Have you played any games that have stood out to you as being awesome titles? Or perhaps games you've played that you think people should steer away from. Need some inspiration? Check out our Steam Early Access: Games You Should Be Playing feature hosted by Chris Watters.

Once you have completed the challenge leave a link to your blog in the comment section below (leave us suggestions for future challenge to.) The community team will pick their favorites and feature them in Tuesday’s GameSpotting blog!

Giveaway Alert

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Ten digital copies of Assassin's Creed III: Liberation for the Xbox 360 will be given away this weekend. To enter all you need to do is follow us on Twitter and retweet the contest tweet. Tweets will go out on Saturday and Sunday, so keep an eye on our feed all weekend long for a chance to win! GOOD LUCK!

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