The To-Do List: Titanfall Beta Code Giveaway and Ask the Experts of Love

Today's blog goes with a Valentine's theme and gives you a sneak peak at what's happening this weekend.


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We’d like to interrupt your regularly scheduled GameSpot blog to bring you the image above....

Peter Brown and Jeff Bakalar are more than just experts in tech and gaming, but also in love and friendship. Just kidding! Our designer had this gem saved after it was rejected for the first episode of Ask the Experts. Anyways, here are the shows and giveaways planned for this weekend.

What to Look Forward To This Weekend

Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week - Valentine's Day Special!

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This Saturday’s mods focus on preparing Kevin for his Valentine wedding. From setting the romantic mood in your world to making your cider, Seb and Cam have got you covered. They even answer questions the community had about their Skyrim mods tutorial. Watch this awesome show every Saturday at 12 pm PST. [Top 5 Skyrim Mods Show Page]

Reality Check - Video Game Guns in Real Life!

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The video game weapons we encounter in games match the intricate sci-fi/fantasy worlds developers create. What if our current technology could recreate this weapons in your favorite games? Cam investigates the latest advances in smart gun technology to see if they can become a reality. Catch Reality Check every Sunday at 12pm PST. [Reality Check Show Page]

House of Horrors

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Each week Jess and Zorine tough it out through some of the scariest games ever made. Tune in to watch the ladies scream live on GameSpot at 7:00pm PST. [House of Horrors Show Page]

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Community Challenge - Titanfall

The Titanfall hype train continues in this weeks community challenge! We want to know about your Mech experiences so far. If you’re in the beta, we want to hear what you like/hate about it. If you’re not in the beta, we wanna know why you want, nay… NEED to play this game. If you think Titanfall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; well we might think you’re crazy so you’re going to want to come in blazing with some pretty good facts to back up your opinion. Drop your submissions in the comments below for a chance to be featured in next week’s GameSpotting blog!

Giveaways - Titanfall Xbox One Beta Code

This week’s top story was Titanfall and the start of its beta. Danny posted his video preview, a Early Access live stream with Chris Watters, and now we have some more awesomeness. We are giving away Xbox One beta codes this weekend! This giveaway will be happening on the GameSpot twitter account, so give us a follow see the post. We will have a couple giveaway tweets this weekend. GOOD LUCK!

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