The Tiger King/The Office Crossover You Didn't Know You Needed

Netflix doco Tiger King is providing plenty of ammunition for new memes.


If you haven't yet heard about Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, it's the latest true crime documentary to take the world by storm, repeatedly topping Netflix's internal top 10 list--and now it's being mashed up with Netflix's most popular show of all time.

Revolving around a cast of very real but still larger-than-life characters, Tiger King has provided plenty of fodder for new memes--and it was only a matter of time before it got mashed up with other popular TV shows.

The Office actor Rainn Wilson has mashed up his character Dwight Schrute with Joe Exotic, the documentary's titular Tiger King. The resulting photo is a true gift to the internet, blessing us all with "Dwight Exotic".

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Dwight Exotic

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Of course, Dwight isn't the only character to have been mashed up with Joe Exotic's self-proclaimed, mullet-sporting, "gun-toting gay redneck" style. Comparisons between Exotic and the President of the USA have resulted in this far more horrifying image:

The TV series has spawned more than just memes, however--a Florida sheriff is hoping the documentary's popularity will help him solve the decades-old cold case of Don Lewis's disappearance.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is streaming now on Netflix in a seven-episode limited series.

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Tiger King was one of the weirdest docs seen in a while.

I don't really get these memes though, it was more disturbing than funny.

Lady who potentially murdered her husband, with a murder hit on her head, and a bunch of meth heads basically abusing animals, killing them even, when unprofitable.

Yea, def not fun.

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