The Threat Returns in X2 expansion

Expansion pack for the open-ended PC space simulation due in early 2005. First screens inside.


German games publisher Deep Silver has announced an expansion pack for its PC space simulation X2: The Threat. In development at EgoSoft, the expansion, titled X2: The Return, is scheduled for release in February 2005.

Originally released in late 2003, X2: The Threat offers a free-roaming universe in the vein of classic space trading games such as Elite and Privateer. Players start off with just a ship and can build themselves an economic empire, complete with installations, trading routes, and spy satellites. While details on the expansion pack are slim, X2: The Return will add a new storyline that can be followed--or not--while players explore the game's immense world.

Check GameSpot for additional details on the expansion pack as they become available. For more on the original X2: The Threat, see our review.

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