The Thanos Copter Makes Its Debut In Loki Episode 5

Yes, Thanos had a helicopter and now it's MCU canon, debuting in the Loki episode titled, "Journey Into Mystery."


In the MCU, Thanos collected all the Infinity Stones and made half of the life in the universe disappear. The comic book version of the character is known for many other things, like falling in love with Death--the character, who is also the concept--and having his own helicopter. In Episode 5 of Loki, titled "Journey Into Mystery," the Thanos Copter made its debut.

This really isn't much of a spoiler for the episode, so don't worry, as the Thanos Copter is nothing more than a background prop during the episode. It's an Easter egg. As Loki and the... Lokis are walking around, you can see the bright yellow helicopter in the background with "Thanos" written on the side, so you know who this copter belongs to. Check it out below, along with a comparison to the comic book version.

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The vehicle has only appeared a couple times in Marvel Comics stories. Back in 1979, the Thanos Copter made its debut in Spidey Super Stories #39. Thanos was on a mission to collect a Cosmic Cube which was in Hellcat's possession. Of course, he needed a helicopter to do so. There's no explanation and it appears in a total of three panels.

The Thanos Copter popped up again in Deadpool #45 (2013 volume) in a back-up story where Thanos wanted a Cosmic Cube that Deadpool had. Somehow, Deadpool got an Infinity Gauntlet and then blew up Thanos's helicopter. The vehicle made one more major appearance in the Lego Marvel Avengers game.

Episode 5 of Loki had a lot to offer to those looking for Easter eggs. Aside from the Thanos Copter, Frog Thor also appeared in the episode very briefly. Additionally, it was recently revealed that some of the cast of the Disney+ series didn't even know what show they were auditioning for. And while Spider-Man: No Way Home is coming to theaters later this year, toys for the upcoming movie are starting to roll out, and they might give us an idea of what to expect from the third Spider-Man movie.

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